Wax on Wednesdays Photo Encaustic Tips !

 Happy Wax on Wednesdays !

  I am so incredibly excited to be back on Wax on Wednesday’s with you !
The last three months have brought fear, sorrow , relief , thankfulness , joy , faith , family, friendship , and love . I am truly joyful to be back where I belong and grateful to be creating . 

Our art path often follows our feelings . Influencing color and subject matter , a reflection of our waking dreams . Sometimes it is an accurate reflection . It can also be the exact opposite . Have you ever turned to paint and  using bold, bright, happy ,colors when you were feeling the exact opposite ? 
Art is therapy .
Art is Expression. 
 Art is healing . 

We speak through it as artists whether it is a soft whisper ,or a loud scream . 
This year my photography has dominated my creative focus for pretty obvious reasons. That of being on the precipice of becoming and empty nester, and capturing the last of youth as it transcends into what is beyond . 

Now that I am able to begin painting again I am also focusing on translating some of those images into photo encaustic in some pretty different and interesting ways . This week some fun photo encaustic tips creating some color and beautiful textures with Stencil Girl Stencils . 
I always use inkjet prints on Matte photo paper for photo encaustic. 
I will list some fun papers to try out in the supply section below. 
Gloss photos will not work for photo encaustic for several reasons.
First off the paper simply can't absorb the wax which is crucial aspect for any 
encaustic substrate. The photo is also printed directly on top of the surface 
and can't be heated or scraped like an inkjet matte photo can. If you are
looking at papers just remember if it is shiny and reflective it is not absorbent. 

Supplies I used this week :

The stencil I used this week is my very favorite from Stencil Girl called Circles Circles by Traci Bautista. Here is the link to the Stencil Girl Product website: https://www.stencilgirlproducts.com/traci-bautista-stencil-circle-p/l301.htm
Please note that the Hahnemuhle is a beautiful paper but  is also  on the high end of the photo papers . You may be able to possibly find it cheaper at  brick and mortar art store (not Michaels ). Check prices at Blicks etc just to make sure . 

Each week I list the supplies I used in the video here on the blog for you so that you can see and easily find the items used for that week's  technique . 

If you purchase items from the links provided it sometimes generates a few cents in commission  which goes right back in to creating videos for you on the youtube channel. It  does not raise the cost for you in any way, and is the same link you would find on a regular amazon prime search . Thank you ahead for you support of Wax on Wednesdays in any way ! Also , although the photos here can help you easily find the product . I also recommend that you look at your local art /hobby store to make sure you are getting the lowest price. Sometimes with weekly 40% off coupons basic items can be found at a better price. 
If you are receiving this blog post via email click on the live link to the post so that you can view the supply links . 

Ready to dive in to photo encaustic ? There are so many fun ways to approach 
this form of encaustic art from textures, colorants, to using photo transfers on
the encaustic surface!
"Encausticology Image Exploration" online workshop has hours of  full step by step
videos from set up to finished pieces . Join any of the 16 workshops at time with lifetime access

Here is the link to this week's video on Youtube :

Bindy the Behind the scenes Bulldog . 

Questions ? 
Helpful  Bindy the bulldog is always standing by to answer any questions you may have about workshops prior 
to purchase :) 

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