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Wax on Wednesdays Free Accretion Tutorial !

 Happy Wax on Wednesdays !  I have been been studying different forms of  art this summer with the goals to eventually incorporate them into my encaustic work.  I have enjoyed exploring new avenues immensely , but it is fun  to return home and just explore in the  the wax.  Todays video begins with just exploring with favorite color  palette . We have all had those times where we are away for a day or week , or focused on other tasks and are excited to return and  paint but overwhelmed at what to do.  When this happens I say go with what you know. I get out  my favorite colors and just begin painting .  Texture can begin at any time in an encaustic painting . You can begin with it in initial layers or add it at any time in any layer  of the painting.  It is so fun to explore different textures that can be achieved and built up without ever even changing your brush ! More color and more texture can be built upon as you go,  fusing in bet

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