Wax on Wednesdays Painted Encaustic Vessels Part 2

Happy Wax on Wednesdays !
This week is part 2 of the painting encaustic vessel bowls
project featuring some mache based bowls 
like the ones that were created in
"Encausticology Wax and Symbolism " online
As promised for those who are already in the workshop, I 
changed it up a bit an painted them in a different
way than we did in the workshop lessons! 
There are so many different approaches, mediums, and paths that can be
taken and explored with these vessel form substrates. This week is but one 
fun option:) 

I used a tinted shellac with these along with the other pigments. 
Because I was using shellac, I only used a heat gun with this 
process an not my trusty Iwatani torch 
because the substrate is paper based. 
They also have 4 coats of medium on each bowl as shown in part 1 
and if I feel the wax is thinning on the sides I add one or 2 more coats of medium 
so that the base is never exposed. 

These 3 bowls took approximately one week to complete in the painting stage. 
But Shari why would it take
so long when encaustic dries almost  instantly ? 
 Ah well, unfortunately shellac dries at the normal rate 
that it takes to dry shellac :) 
If this is a thin bit it could take hours, if more is added it could take 24 hours. 
If it is not allowed to set up in the layers it can become a goopy mess. 

This method takes
a little bit of patience but I love the look of the
 tinted shellac built up in the thin layers of wax ! 

Wanting to explore 3 dimensional forms with encaustic further ?

"Encausticology Wax and Symbolism A Study in Encaustic Sculpture"
 online workshop
takes you and the wax off of the panel and on to beautifully formed
sculpture, and vessels, working with wax and 
multiple different substrates to form beautiful 
encaustic sculpture . 
You can join in on any of the Encausticology 
series of workshops at any time with forever access
Click on photos for workshop details on how to join.

You can join and see all of the details HERE 

Supplies I used this week :
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