Flea Market Friday is Here!

Pendant options

This week for "Flea Market Friday" I am debuting one of the brand new 2008 Christmas pendants, before it is available on the website.This adorable little girl and her snowman pendant measures approx 1x 1 1/2" and is in Staffordshire Garden Designs signature luggage tag shape, using vintage glass.The back is hand collaged with genuine vintage ledger paper from the 1860s , and reads "May all of your Christmases be white." You can purchases it here directly on the blog using the button above. You also have the choice of purchasing the pendant a
lone, or with a vintage spoon display stand.

This is what has kept me very busy the last few weeks , along with the website and several wholesale orders. Gearing up for the Holidays, and the winter/fall show schedule. This is from my booth at a show that I did North of Cincinnati this weekend. I really don't do very many, as I know people that do a whole rotation of large shows seasonally.
I just do a few .
I hope to have a lot of the Christmas 2008 up on the Staffordshire Garden website by the end of this weekend.
I got a very nice surprise last week as the sweet Amy Sutter of Aged Vintage Papier let me know that she was featuring me on the Aged Vintage Papier blog. To see this and all of the other wonderful members of Aged Vintage Papier you can go here
Aged Vintage Papier
Thank you Amy!

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