Added to This Week's Giveaway and a Happy Birthday

My friend Paula will tell you, this was one of my 1:30 am
A-Ha Ha moments.

It is no secret , I adore these little antique bathing doll legs with the painted shoes!

So , I made them into jewelry!
I sold out of them at the Country Living Fair South, and I have just finished a few more

because I adore them so.
I am putting a couple of them in my Etsy store later today.But , I am adding my favorite Mary Jane (below) to the giveaway this week!
Not sure which of the giveaways I am adding it to yet , we will have to wait and see. (Hee Hee).
If you haven't signed up for this weeks giveaway yet , you can sign up
until Thursday at midnight. I will draw the winner on Friday (black Friday) when you all are out shopping
shopping shopping!
Wouldn't be nice if you got home , and there was a gift just for you?
I have to admit , I will be here, because I am not a huge fan of the Black Friday crowd kind of shopping
I prefer quiet shopping with a friend every once in a while.
I try to get Christmas shopping done at least crowded times. And I also believe in, and love
receiving Handmade!

"Best Friends"
original mixed media

It is also my BFF Barbara in California's Birthday this week!
Happy Birthday !!!!!
I made this one with water color, acrylics, charcoal, and 1940s vintage wallpaper, 1920s sheet music.
Have a wonderful week, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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