Gemma is a lively girl that likes to travel , 
ride side saddle, 
and enjoy tea with good company.
She wears a golden period gown , 
with gorgeously detailed antique eyelet lace apron , and sleeves, 
and embellished with beautiful tiny steel cut floral buttons,
vintage velvet millinery flower, 
antique lace shawl, and cap. 
She also has vintage pantaloons made from a 100 year old pillow case,
 and antique lace trim. 

 Gemma will be offered at 1pm Eastern Time, 
10am pacific, on JUNE 10 . 
(sorry for the misprint yesterday, I believe I was dreaming of our Disney World trip next month !:)
 Gemma measures approx. 11 1/2"
She will arrive in her own gift box :)
For more details , please visit my PFATT page on Sunday June 10 :)

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