Im Back From Artiscape And Wow Thanks!

Wow ! Wow!
I just got this today. 
It says in the email I was in the top 10% for 2013!!!! WHaaat?
Are they pulling my leg ?
Because I love useless trivia:
" Pulling my leg"
has its origins in the criminal world of 18th 
and 19th century London. In those days
 street robbers often
 worked in gangs of two. One would trip up 
 unsuspecting victim and the other would remove
 his money and other valuables while he 
was lying on the ground.

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I'm not  sure what that all  means , but I am sure I have you all to thank for it :)))
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 Let me just start off by saying I cannot believe that  I got some sort of funky cold  just before I left for Artiscape, 
but there was no stopping the train at that point, or any possible way we were not having total  FUN, and we did!
Hopefully I kept my germs to myself .
Here are some students work from the Encaustic and Metal Pendant Workshop.
Oh my gosh , they all came out so AWESOME!
Everyone brought their own unique fabulousness
to their pieces .
Every single set has a totally different style and feel.

These peeps were rockin"!

textures , colors , pattern , fun fun fun !

So glad little miss Reagan was there being the awesome helper 
she was ,and surprising
class sample girl!
I'm yip yapping away explaining everything , turn around to catch up the demo pieces 
with the rest of the class , can't find them anywhere, because  she  had done them !
Here are 2 of her class samples
The amazing thing you ask ? She listened to
LOL. Will that still happen when she is 13?
I"m not sure with girls , but think there is  some sort of  automatic shut of valve
at that age 
we are unaware of. 

Just a few more days until we have some online fun with
Encaustic and Metal Journal , The Journey Begins...
online workshop!
can join in the fun for this one. you can sign up either on
my online workshop page here on the blog, or in my Etsy shop.
I will be posting some more pics of the journal journey late this week, as well
as some more pics of the other workshops, and fun
we had at Artiscape.

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