New Workshop Announcement and Some Surprise Summer Fun!

I have a couple of fun surprises ...
First off

"Wax on Wednesdays!" 

Come join me for some fun studio time every Wednesday, 


I will be using all sorts of different techniques in my encaustic paintings.
Some whimsical, some abstract, organic, assemblage
 All summer long,
 every Wednesday 
you can join me in the studio ,
where I will share my love of encaustic painting with you.
And hopefully inspire you to want to try this wonderful medium in your
own artwork. 
(hold on metal lovers ,and jewelry makers , because  this one is for you too!)

 Encaustic Art To Wear 

6 Week Online Workshop

Sept 1, 2014

Come with me on another journey ,
 and create
 miniature works of art,
using encaustics on metal.
We will be creating
6 completley different methods
"art to wear"
all using the ancient method of encaustics.
Whether you are interested in creating tiny paintings of your own art to wear, or you are
wanting to explore new horizons for your bead making ,  metal work, focal pieces. There will be something for everyone in this workshop !
Early Bird Registration opens Wednesday June 4
Workshop Begins Sept 1st, 2014!

 I will let you in on all of the details
on this
Wax on Wednesday !
: )

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