Getting Ready in the Studio

 With all of the preparations for back to school, dance, tumbling, etc , I am sad to say there
was just no time for a wax on Wednesday this week. But, I will be posting one more "Wax on Wednesdays! " for the summer 
next week. 
I have some other goodies though , I hope you will enjoy. 
I had my first full day back in the studio yesterday , after 3 days of feeling like I had been yanked out , and thrust full force into the aisles of Target with the masses , ( I am not a good shopper unless I am in an art store , or TJ Maxx), clamoring for "golden supply list items " including folders , 2" binders, the correct type of tab dividers, highlighters, and... 
locker decor? 
Not exactly thrilled with whoever dreamt that one up !

Honestly , I still have nightmares that I forgot my locker combination, all my books are inside, and I have a math test that I am going to be late for. 
I never had the desire to decorate that thing, I just hoped that someones gum , or worse ,wasn't still stuck in there from the year before !

I feel like I have been in and out, stopping and starting all summer , so it is good to fall back into a steady routine. 
These little assemblage gals will be coming with me to the Country Living Magazine Fair in Columbus Ohio next month.

The dolls are my favorite copper , and they are riveted to little assemblage story boxes.

Encaustic Assemblage Dolls   Shari Replogle 2014
Both the dolls and boxes are done with encaustics !
Each doll has her own  separate story on the back. 

Just about 2 more weeks until the online workshop begins!
You can still register here on the blog, or in my Etsy store , if
you would like to join us for 6 weeks of creating Encaustic Art To Wear !

Here are some new mixed media paintings just finished. 
11x14" on cradled board

"Strength" Shari Replogle 2014
"Silent Watch" 
"Silent Watch" Shari Replogle 2014
The original paintings  will be offered at Country Living Magazine Show next
I am excited to announce that you can now
purchase  professionally made prints of some of my paintings at 


Blessings to you ,

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