Wax on Wednesdays , Dollar Store Haul , Workshop Excitement !

 Happy Wax on Wednesdays! 
I am actually going to get this one out to you on time this week . 
And , with everything that has been going on , that is something to be proud of :)
 My studio manager has been on and off sick again since before Christmas.
He has something in his lungs that is causing him to cough up blood in small amounts. I have been keeping home and at the Dr. about a million times and even an internal specialist but we have not solved the mystery yet. Today we start a round of medicine for "Lung Worm " Yuck !!!!
We are basically just checking off a list of things that it could possibly be. He has good days and yucky ones ,I am hoping he will be on the right track soon. 

I am holding off just a couple more days for the drawing for the slots in the Encausticology Collage Workshop!

You can still enter the drawing by leaving a comment on either of the last 2 posts :) I will announce the winners on Monday Morning ( 25th) . I wanted to have a chance to post a little video for the winners , because that is so much fun !! 

This week in Wax on Wednesdays ! Encaustic painting series , I am chatting a bit about what will be coming up in the next few weeks of videos before I begin this weeks project. 
Please feel free to leave a comment on the Youtube channel video, on your own finds, or if you tried the project, how did it go? Did you change it up? Did it give you another idea ? How are you enjoying your encaustic journey ? Etc . I love when a conversation gets started on the channel it makes it a lot of fun . 

Supplies I used this week:
Matches from dollar store
india ink
R and F encaustic medium
6x6x2" cradled board
Gorilla wood glue
the match book cover
oil sticks
graphite crayon 

To view the video directly on the Youtube Channel Click

EnCausticology Collage Online Workshop Begins January 31st !
Would you like to join me ?
Click on the "online workshop " page at the top of the blog to
see all of the details .

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