New Wax on Wednesdays ! Plus Giveaways, and Artiscape Yay!

 Today is a long post , but I promise there is a Wax on Wednesday at the end :)

Oh wow! I am so glad to be back , and have so much to share with you this happy , sunny (finally ) Friday !
I am back from Artiscape which is an art retreat in Columbus Ohio. It felt like a whirlwind weekend running running running with lots of creating fun.  A sincere and big Thank You to Cecile and Sandi for all of your help cleaning up the workshops . As you can see from the supply table here we make a whopping fun mess in class ! 

 Today I am sharing the "Abstracted" workshop which was on Sunday.
 I shared 4 workshops all together at the retreat . 
I will post the others on next weeks wax on Wednesday's post. 
 These were such a great bunch of artists!
We created , and explored , loosened up , freed our minds, 
and painted with our creative  intuitive spirit.
 The result from that  was nothing less than magical. 
A room overflowing with completely
different , beautiful paintings. Gorgeous colors coming together in wonderful ways. 

My only regret was that I don't have more photos of these beautiful peoples faces  and their awesome works in the classes. I did better than usual on remembering to get the camera out this time , but sometimes difficult when you are teaching at the same time. I get carried away and forget to whip it out and take the shots! 

"Abstracted " 
Online Workshop 
"Abstracted " is coming up July 1st ! 
I was notified while I was out of town that the newsletter coupon was
not working properly so, I am extending both coupons for  early registration until May 12.

I am so excited to share 6 weeks worth of wonderful projects with you , plus my own personal  
exercises each week to loosen you up and and allow yourself the freedom paint with your own creative spirit. 
Plus as always we will be exploring and mixing some fun mediums , and LOTS of techniques of course ! And yes encaustic :)))
To see more details click on the "online workshops" page of the blog or my Etsy shop. 

How About some  Giveaways !
I am calling this giveaway 
a few of my favorite things ! 

In honor of the registration opening for the new workshop , I will be giving away 
a palette of my favorite yummy colors of encaustic paint made right here in the studio !

You will also receive a 6x6 " cradle board to paint on on,
and a natural brush to paint with !

My second giveaway is one slot in the "Abstracted" workshop !

If you have already purchased the workshop you can still enter to win and either receive a refund for the workshop , or gift it to a friend your choice. 

To enter the giveaway , simply share this post on Any social media (pinterest , faceook, grab a photo for instagram etc ) . A super big thank you to those of you that already do this all the time for me out of the kindness of your heart.  It is such a big help when you are just one little artist running the workshops and Youtube channel from one spot and not traveling very much. When little miss Reagan is graduated ( she will be a sophomore next year yikes !) , I can go back to traveling a bit more .

Anyhoo how, 
if you share it somewhere  just leave a comment of where you shared  here on the blog. Each place you share , or each time you share , and let me know I will enter you again for the drawings :)))

The drawing for the free slot in the workshop , and the Painting gift package will be 
on May 20th ! WOO HOO!

Okedokie. Some of you might have seen on Facebook that over Reagan's spring break we adopted this bundle of love from a shelter about 30 minutes away from us .  He was only 5 weeks old . Apparently someone bought him from a breeder ( not a very good one to sell a 5 week old puppy I am feeling ?) and then turned him in to a kill shelter 2 days later ( not that anyone would have put this little guy down, they were all wonderful ladies and loved him ) . But still you have to wonder how these things come about ?  

He will be ready to go to the studio in Cincinnati with me in 2 weeks .
He has to have one more round  of shots before he goes out into the 
big art world , meanwhile we are working on manners and lots of cuddles :)  . I didn't think I was ready at all for this so soon after the loss of my Monkey . But,  Reagan was very determined, and he has definitely brought a lot of sunshine to my heart.  Plus potty training keeps you on your toes and takes your mind off of absolutely everything! 
No one wants doodles in the house :)

Moving on to the art stuff, I saw these in Michaels yesterday and wanted to share with you. 
Rarely does the hobby store have any proper substrates  for encaustics . Usually they have to be ordered unless you are lucky to live next to a Dick BLicks, Plaza Art, Jerrys, etc. 
These are wood panels at some ok prices ! 
A 9x12 5 pack ? Great price and these are wonderful to practice techniques on as well. They are inexpensive so you can feel free to play and explore unlike the large expensive cradle boards. 

ON to Wax on Wednesdays !

This week some fun very loose abstract florals . This is another great exercise to get you loosened up before working on the larger pieces. They are fast , fun, and get you painting .  
These were done on 4x4 masonite hardboard. 


 In the video I end up shading these wholly with my fingers. ....
Pretend I have gloves on :) . 
Materials I used in this weeks video:
R and F encaustic medium
4x4 masonite boards
oil paint sticks
oil paint
clay tool stylus
clay tool scraper
encaustic paints 

If you would like to view the video directly on the Youtube channel
Blessings to you , 
and Happy Creating !


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