Wax on Wednesdays, Mixing Up The Media ! And other Curious happenings...

Intruder Alert ! 
Well, some uninvited excitement  on the way to start my week last Monday !
A raccoon got  into our  fenced yard somehow, and got the Dane who is Great pretty good when she and hubbies dog "mr. Jack" went out to potty. I was not aware until we moved to this part of the country that raccoons could be so aggressive ! I always thought of the gentle creature pictured in my alphabet book as a child washing his "A" is for Apple . 

The Dane who is Great had to get stitched up but is ok now. The other unfortunate part was that the Dr. said the raccoon may have had canine distemper since it was out during broad daylight. This was not good news for the new studio assistant in training! He has been getting shots every 3 weeks but still needs more. Now as it is contagious ,everyone is banned from the backyard until puppy Chipper gets his next round in 2 weeks. That means lots of long walks for the big guys, and great exercise for me, but again less studio time ! The mornings seem to fly by and between the emails, office,  walking time, and a twelve week old that needs to potty every 20 minutes ,  It feels like I  haven't been able to reach for a brush  !
As a way to insure fingers touched paint everyday, 
I started "Paint 30" 
30 abstracts in 30 days on my Instagram. 
Using different mediums , substrates , and keeping my precious creating time fun , and loose , I have one finished work every day for 30 days . I allow myself to  Explore  color , mark making , and where the various mediums take me. 

You can check these out on my histogram at @Sharireplogle_studios on Instagram

A more pleasant experience last week was watching a very special someone receive something they have been waiting a lifetime for . Little ms. Reagan received approval for her point shoes and finally had her official fitting . 

Wax on Wednesdays !
 This week on Wax on Wednesdays , We are mixing up the media !
Painting with encaustic does not have to bee all or nothing. These paintings started out with just a little  black encaustic wax on paper to start the composition , and then were continued with water colors !
The added texture of the encaustic paint is wonderful with just some here and there. If you choose to add a finishing coat of clear encaustic medium to the entire piece , you have another fun advantage of being able to scratch back in the wax ! Also, you can now buff that piece to a high lacquer like shine :)
 But no need to stop there ! 
More color can be added on top of the wax with india inks .

Supplies I used this week:
140lb watercolor paper
watercolor paint
india inks
encaustic medium
white encaustic paint
black encaustic paint

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel, click 

I will be announcing the giveaway winners for 
the encaustic kit and one spot in the "ABSTRACTED" Workshop with a full post on Thursday . 

Blessings to you,

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