And the Winners Are .....

There are sooo many mediums that work well with encaustic . 
Almost all of them . 
This enables the field of encaustic painting to be so vast , vibrant , exciting, and diverse.
However sometimes there is just that tinge of disappointment that acrylic paints and encaustic do not get along. 
Do I still keep acrylics in my painting rotation ?
You bet. Although oils and watercolor are my habitual go to's in the studio, I still reach for those acrylics every so often because ALL  painting allows me to be in my happy place. 

 The immediacy of adding layer after layer is a draw that is hard to deny when you are waiting days  on layers to dry, or pieces to cool , or its just a little too hot in the studio for heating  griddle at 3pm :))

Drumroll please...
The winner of the free spot in the


Woot ! 

AND , the winner of the encaustic kit with my favorite color palette, brush, and cradle board
 is .....

Jackie !!!!! 

Kathy if you could please send me your email address with your info that would be great! 
Congratulations to the winners ! 
If you would like to see the details or register for the ABSTRACTED workshop, simply click on the online workshop page at the top of my blog or view in my etsy shop .

Workshop begins July 1st ! 

Blessings to you , 

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