Wax on Wednesdays Photo Encaustic Tips !

Happy Wax on Wednesdays ! 

So excited ! 
Breaks are wonderful for coming back with a fresh eyes and enthusiasm . 
This week I am super excited to kick off a 4 part series with tips 
on photo encaustic!

 There is so much you can do with photographic imagery and 
encaustic that I often think of it almost as an entirely different art form from 
regular encaustic painting.  The very first workshop in the "Encausticology Workshop" series
is actually devoted to this art of working with imagery and encaustic wax. 
What can you do ? 
Well , you can use it strictly as a finish after mounting your image
giving you image a beautiful luminously dreamy effect, and it also
acts as a final finish that of course can be buffed to a lacquer like shine or 
left a lovely matte. 

 You can also transfer imagery directly on to the fused encaustic surface
and piece together multiple images to form your own story. 
Using pigments to recolor a black and white image or completely
change a background in a color image  is another awesome possibility with photo encaustic!
The different  effects you can create with just one photo are endless !!!! 

The next few weeks of Wax on Wednesdays
will feature some of my studio tips and tricks for having
fun with photo encaustic !

Supplies I used this week:


If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel click

If you would like to join in the fun and explore more encaustic imagery click here for details on the full workshop.
Questions on the workshops ?
email me at shari.replogle5@gmail.com :)
Blessings and happy creating ,

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