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Wax on Wednesdays Painted Encaustic Vessels Part 2

Happy Wax on Wednesdays ! This week is part 2 of the painting encaustic vessel bowls project featuring some mache based bowls  like the ones that were created in "Encausticology Wax and Symbolism " online workshop. As promised for those who are already in the workshop, I  changed it up a bit an painted them in a different way than we did in the workshop lessons!  There are so many different approaches, mediums, and paths that can be taken and explored with these vessel form substrates. This week is but one  fun option:) 
I used a tinted shellac with these along with the other pigments.  Because I was using shellac, I only used a heat gun with this  process an not my trusty Iwatani torch  because the substrate is paper based.  They also have 4 coats of medium on each bowl as shown in part 1  and if I feel the wax is thinning on the sides I add one or 2 more coats of medium  so that the base is never exposed. 
These 3 bowls took approximately one week to complete in the painti…

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