Nov 23, 2014

HUGE End of the Year Give Thanks, and Give Back SALE , and Giveaway!

Birds of a Feather , Solder Together!

  Begins tomorrow!

I am so excited Birds of a Feather , Solder Together ! Online workshop begins tomorrow.
I hope everyone is as excited as I am to begin!
You can still join us here:

I am so thankful for everyone who joins me in the workshops , and the blog , and now Youtube channel ! (even though it is just getting started). 
I want to end the year giving back by doing a couple of things.
First off, 
for the first time ever, 
 now through the end of cyber Monday....

If you buy one workshop, 

 get another workshop  for 1/2 off!

This will include the 2 TuTs as well in my Etsy Store! 
So for instance you can get Solder and Spice , and then get 
Either of the tutorials in the Etsy shop , or the "How to Create Beautiful Broken China Jewelry " for 
Half the price! 
Or , you can get "Fly" and get "Encaustic Metal Journal Journey" for HALF OFF!
Or you can get one tutorial , and get the other half off. 
You get the idea. 
If you have been wanting to dive in to some fun workshops 
THIS is the perfect time!
You also have me via email help , as long as you like. 
Everything we make in the workshops make awesome Christmas Gifts,
 and if you don't have time to work on them before, you will have something to play with in your fuzzy slippers in January :)
This is the first time I have ever offered a sale like this! 
And ,the only sale I will be having before the end of 2014. 

How It Works

Unfortunately , There is not a coupon formula for this, 
so if you purchase 2 workshops , 
I will send a refund within 2 hours (usually a few minutes unless I am driving or sleeping :)
via pay pal, or Etsy payment. 
If you send me an email or Etsy convo , I will make a Custom listing for you with the discount included for the workshops you want, or send you a Pay Pal invoice with the discount included so you don't have to wait around at all to receive a refund for the half off. 

Sound good?

The sale will include the 

Encaustic Tribal Mask Assemblages Workshop
This workshop which was originally part of the Encaustic Art To Wear workshop, 
has been widely requested to be offered as a separate smaller workshop.
So here it is!

This workshop will begin on Jan 20,

Registration is open now here:

I have had many requests for a few different projects of Encaustic art to wear to be offered separately. This was the most widely requested , so it is up first!

How Else would I like to give thanks?

With a Giveaway or 2 of course! 

I haven't had a giveaway in what seems like ages , so it is long overdue!
The Holiday Giveaway is.....are you ready?
This years Holiday Giveaway is your choice of ...

 A Studio Pro 100 solder  iron , 


wheeled glass nippers, 


Studio Pro Patina for solder !
Yup ! All three three things, 
a solder gift basket if you will :)


you can choose:


Simply leave a comment on this post to enter the giveaway!
The winner of the Holiday Giveaway will be chosen at random on Dec 1 .

And whether you just found this blog ,or you have been with me all along , 
Thank you for sharing 2014 with me 

Blessings to you,

Nov 14, 2014

Happy Friday and New Kits!

Happy Friday everyone!

The DIY kits for Wax on Wednesdays ! Holiday Edition are here!

In each kit you receive :
1 Santa
1 Holly Jolly Snowman
and 1 snow girl 
1 hand dyed bottle brush tree
2 oz encaustic wax medium
some sparkly holiday glitter dust 
8 tiny eye hooks for hanging
complete written instructions 
pretty vintage ribbons for hanging 

Each kit arrives completely gift wrapped in one of my signature muslin gift bags!

What you will need: 
What you will need:
small glass dish
candle warmer
acrylic paints or oil pastels to paint your figures
white oil pastel crayon , or white oil paintstick 
small wood boards (any craft store wood section )

optional items you may need: 
some tiny ornaments for your tree:) 
The kits are available in my Etsy shop here:

You can watch me create the ornaments on my Youtube channel 

Perfect project for the cold weather we have been having here . 
Super fun and easy, 
make some  gorgeous handmade holiday ornaments for your tree , or as a perfect holiday 
gift for someone special. 

Also ; Just loaded a whole flock of broken china birds LOL

 into the etsy shop as well.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Nov 5, 2014

Wax on Wednesdays! Holiday Edition Video !!

As makers of fun things sometimes our Holidays get a little confusing.
For instance I was hand painting these little beauties on Halloween. 
I was doing a large batch all last week , but it especially tickled my funny bone 
on Halloween morning. 

But, I had had a plan for a while to share these with you for ....

"Wax on Wednesdays!" Holiday Edition Video  !!!


 I love these little bottle brush trees, and also collecting the old 
plastic ornaments, and Penny dolls. 
Their little cute faces just get to me, and they all remind me of the old Christmas
songs my parents played over  and over during the holidays.
 Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra , Perry Como, Andy Williams,
Nat King Cole, and one of my Mother's Favorites Johnny Mathis. 
You know the gang. 

 In this weeks Wax on Wednesdays, I have cast the old dolls in plaster,
and then used the castings to create these little holiday ornaments .
Materials I used:
little masonite boards 
Oil Pastels to paint the figures
Glitter dust 
vintage glass garland balls for trees 
encaustic medium
titanium white encaustic stick R F
bottle brush trees
plaster cast figures
mini eye hooks
pretty ribbons for hanging

I truly hope you enjoy this Holiday edition of 
"Wax on Wednesdays" 
I had wanted to put some of these songs onto the video, but that would 
be a big no no with copyright on youtube. 
So, we are stuck with 
the "Jingle Punks" , but that just makes it easier to sing along kareoke style :)))

I will have the ornaments I made for you here  in the video, signed,dated,  and  up for 
grabs in my Primology Etsy Store at exactly 8pm tonight Eastern Time
Follow Link 

 Sometimes if you receive the blog post via email, the Youtube video does not show up.
Use this link to go directly to the You tube video so that you can see this weeks Wax on Wednesdays! Holiday edition !!
Link to this weeks Youtube Video

Hope you are enjoying the beginnings of this holiday season,
Happy Creating!
Blessings to you, 

Nov 3, 2014

A Little Bird Told Me

 Lot's of precious little vintage china 
birdie focals just listed in my Etsy shop!
 Perfect for broken china jewelry, beautiful to just collect,
( I love bird shapes and symbols)
 or use for my new workshop 
"Birds of a Feather, Solder Together" 
which begins Nov 24.
(I do show you how to make your own as well in the workshop :)

 These are from truly  gorgeous patterns of Nippon, Haviland Limoges,
Staffordshire Transferware from the 1880s etc. 

I have finally decided to open a second Etsy shop!
What is it called ?
"Shari Replogle " LOL!!
I know really original huh?
I just didn't want everyone 
to have to remember 500 names of places to find me it gets confusing. 
This shop will have my more whimsical side with 
 paintings, girls, gift bags, prints, journals etc. 
I just didn't feel like it went with all of the metal goods and workshops.

But, I have had the main shop Primology for so long now , January of 2007!
It was a hard decision to make for me, and I have been going back 
and forth about it for a while now. 
I actually have this battle with myself constantly .
Do I paint? 
Do I create with metal and assemblages? 
Do I make Art Dolls?
Do I loose you as readers sometimes when I post to much of one or the other ?
It get's especially confusing even to my husband when I have been hammering and soldering away for months, and then emerge with German Mohair Elephants or whimsical girl paintings.
I have tried to hone in and give a practiced  focus on just one or the other for years but ,
I have finally decided the answer is just 
I do. 
I can't do one or the other . I really wish that I could . 
They are all  just deeply part of me , and my absolute need to express myself 
through art one way or the other. 
The metal is what I gave to myself to be myself. The dolls and the painting are what my Mother and Grandmother gave to me, and we did together.

So thank you , thank you ,to all who have stuck with 
me all of these years. Whether you are a doll person , passionate for metalwork, or 
painting and encaustics. I appreciate you more than you know. 

Oh my goodness, 
I didn't start this post thinking I would ramble like that!!!

Anyhoohow, It would be really  great if you would pay the new 
store a little visit, or favorited  it, or just "liked" something in it :)
I also have a special grand opening sale of 10 % off all orders this month starting now!
Coupon Code: NEWSHOP10
I will hopefully catch up with myself here by the weekend ,and be loading even more goodies into it by Sunday. The sale will go all all month , so check back for new items. 
Right now it has several one of a kind little gift bags with prints of my original  paintings, and some have 
beautiful vintage laces added, and others have hand painted bags. 
All of them have matching gift cards attached so they are ready to be filled and hung on the tree , added  to a stocking , etc. 

Blessings to you,

Oct 16, 2014

New Soldering Workshop Registration Open!

Birds of a Feather 

Solder Together ! Online Workshop

Early Bird Special Sale Begins Today Through Oct 26

 Are you ready for another soldering adventure?

In This workshop we will be creating 

"3 "

Totally Awesomely Gorgeous soldered bird cages complete with vintage china birds inside ! Nested birdies, birdies on swinging perches.....swoon ,oh my!
and ...
A beautiful antique broken china bird ornament
(which can also be a focal for a rockin' statement necklace)

 Areas we will be exploring in this workshop:
We will be primarily focusing on 3 dimensional sculptures with solder
and approaching aspects of construction with solder
beading /pearling
china cutting /shaping

altering and assemblage with found objects galore...  and solder!

Workshop begins November 24, which makes these stunning gifts to give
for Christmas !!!!!!

 All of the details and registration page  are on the "Online Workshops" page at the top of the blog. 
The early bird sale is good through October 26.

Constructing 3 dimensional forms with solder is so much fun! Your brain will be spinning with all of the possibilities :)

See you soon!

Oct 13, 2014

Little Sneak Peak

 Beautiful china birds as far as the eye can see,
what can they become ? 
You will see...
ornaments for the tree?

On Wednesday come check back with me ,
to find out ALL the wonderful things they can be.....

Oct 9, 2014

Country Living Magazine Fair Atlanta Super Awesome Giveaway , Workshops, and more!

Heidi ho Everyone!
For those of you that are solder lovers, and enthusiasts, 
I have a how to article on creating these pretty beaded  soldered head pins, in this issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine. 
Hint ,hint for those of you in the Solder and Spice workshop!
 This is one is super  fun, and perf to take it a step farther ;)
There are so many beautiful projects in the fall issue! 
Including a cool  one using ice resin on little metal dress forms from my friend Jen Crossely . 

An AWESOME  Surprise for YOU!
If you are planning on attending the Atlanta Country Living Magazine Fair 
Oct 24-26 , then 
 I have a special treat!
Stella Shows , the management co for Country Living Magazine Fairs is giving me


 to give away here on the blog . 

EEEEEK! That is an $80.00 value!!!

This show is so incredibly huge and in the gorgeous setting of Stone Mtn National Park. 
I have customers tell me every year that there is NO way to see this show in just one day .

If you would like a chance to win these EARLY BIRD Passes they are good every day for the whole weekend -AND you get the special priority early bird entry time ! 
Just leave a comment here on the blog, on why you love the Country Living Fair , or why you are looking forward to coming for the first time ,
 and I will draw a random winner on Tuesday Oct 14!

That's 80.00 savings  that can be used for finding some great loot,
I mean Christmas gifts of course :) ,at the fair.
 Last but not least , 
I have had many requests for smaller workshops on the Encaustic Art To Wear .
I am working to make each one a fun mini workshop (2-3 hours in High def video each)
at a MUCH lower price :)
This way you can choose which project you would like to have fun with , and not have the huge cost of the entire 6 project workshop. You will have each workshop as long as you like , as well as the online classroom , and me via email with any questions . 
I will be having a special pre sale for these workshops very very soon ,
so please stay tuned. 
Workshops will begin the week of Nov 9 . 

 Blessings to you,