Jul 1, 2015

Wax on Wednesdays! for July 2015 "Embedding the Unexpected !"

This month I thought it would be super fun to 
"Embedding the Unexpected!" 
Wax on Wednesdays! on the Youtube Channel 
I began with a 4x4x2" cradle board

The embedding item this week is 
"cotton punis"
These are used in charkha, spinning, spun cotton ornaments etc. 
Cotton roving can also be used with  similar  results. 
This cotton takes the wax in beautifully , and can be lightly sculpted as it cools, which can create really beautiful effects!

The Supplies I used this week are :
cradle board 4x4x2"
R and F encaustic medium
Sennelier and Windsor Newton Oil Sticks and Bars
Clay tools
Palette knife
cotton punis 
baby wipes

Sometimes when you receive the post via email , the video does not show up. To view the video directly on the Youtube channel click

I have had a few questions regarding the Youtube channel . One of them is ,
"How do I get an email to let me know a new "Wax on Wednesdays!" video  has been posted?"

To get notification from Youtube to let you know there is a brand new video on any of your subscribed channels, follow these easy steps:

-on Youtube go to "My Subscriptions".
-Click on "manage subscriptions"
-Click on the little gear emblem next to the channel for which you want to receive notification if there is a new video.
-Click on "send me updates"

This will allow you to receive an email only when this channel posts a new video. 

Hope that helps!

Blessings to you,

Jun 25, 2015

All New Wax on Wednesdays Video!

 All new "Wax on Wednesdays!" video this week. 
I began this small work with the intention of exploring mark making with inks, graphite, and oil sticks in the wax . 
I started with a 4x4 x2" cradle board.
I also wanted to experiment with adding some graphite powder to the encaustic gesso and see what would come of it. 
After the gesso mixture dried on the panel, the more I sanded it, the more I loved how the graphite darkened in some places , and showed the brush texture. I purposely used the stiffest ,scratchiest , oldest brush , ( that I had not yet ruined) that I could find anticipating that I would enjoy any texture it gave with the graphite gesso mix. 

The Supplies I Used This Week:
4x4x2" unprimed wood cradle board
R and F encasutic gesso
graphite powder
graphite crayon
clay tools
clay scraper
oil paint stick white
india inks : white, black, red
baby wipes

Sometimes if you receive this post via email the video does not show up. If you would like to see this weeks video please click on the link 
to take you directly to the Youtube channel . 
There are now just under 800 subscribers WOOT ! 
I am so glad you are enjoying the videos!
If you love wax , and mixed media art,  please check out the channel and subscribe ! 
You can also comment, or ask me questions about any of the videos in the comment section under each video.


Jun 20, 2015

Come Join In the Photo Encaustic Fun!

June has just flown by , without a post!
Encausticology workshop
 is now in full swing
 and you can join in the creating at any time. 

 This workshop has 27 videos (over 7 hours) of encaustic image exploration fun. 
transferring imagery (multiple methods)
adding imagery 
color techniques
texture techniques
layering imagery 
photo encaustic


 exploring, experimenting , creating ...

Being bold, getting messy , 

making art.


May 21, 2015

Wax on Wednesdays! Hot Plate Monoprinting on Youtube

First off what exactly is a monoprint ? 
The short version curtesy of Wikipedia, but I think it explains it fairly well:
A monoprint is a single impression of an image made from a reprintable block.  Rather than printing multiple copies of a single image, only one impression may be produced, either by painting or making a collage on the block. Monoprints may also involve elements that change, where the artist reworks the image in between impressions or after printing so that no two prints are absolutely identical.[2] Monoprints may include collage, hand-painted additions, and a form of tracing by which thick ink is laid down on a table, paper is placed on top and is then drawn on, transferring the ink onto the paper. Monoprints can also be made by altering the type, color, and pressure of the ink used to create different prints.
Monoprints are known as the most painterly method among the printmaking techniques; it is essentially a printed painting. The characteristic of this method is that no two prints are alike. The beauty of this medium is also in its spontaneity and its combination of printmaking, painting and drawing media.
Now for the fun, woot!

For your supply wish lists there are several goodies that can be purchased for this purpose. 
Paula Roland's "Hot Box" $400.00 range ( my birthday is in July btw ;)
and I believe Enkausticos brand carries the anodized aluminum plates on their own as well.
R and F also has a anodized aluminum pallette that can also be used for mono printing:
Here is a link for one at 

For this weeks video I am using my handy pancake griddle. 
If you are looking for one for this unique printing purpose , 
look for one that has a smoother surface. Some non stick surface griddles are 
bumpy or rough , and that will not work for this technique very well. 
My griddle is very smooth, but if I had one that wasn't 
and didn't have any of the above mentioned goodies, I would try a really 
smooth aluminum cookie sheet on top of it ; )

 Once the printing is done, don't let the fun stop there!
You can further embellish your prints with inks, 
graphite, charcoal, water colors etc.

Tips and Tricks?
turn the griddle down for crisper images 
 This weeks supply list :

encaustic medium ( I used R and F)
hot plate /griddle
Encaustic paints ( I used R and F encaustic paint sticks)
alcohol inks
india inks
graphite crayon
plain printing paper
rice paper (my favorite) 

Sometimes if you receive the post my email, the video does not show up.
You can view the video directly on the blog 
or on the Youtube channel by clicking 

Would you like to join me for much more in -depth encaustic 
exploration, creating, and fun?
"Encausticology Image Exploration"
Online workshop begins on May 29th!
You can see all of the details on the online workshop page at the top of the blog,
or in the Etsy Shop. 

Blessings to you,
and Happy Creating!

May 18, 2015

On My Table Today


Just 12 more days until "Encausticology " Workshop Begins! 
I thought I would show you what is currently on my work table, and how they originated. 


 this is the same photo!

 The wonderfully fun  thing is I could continue to paint this same photo 20 times and have it look 
completely different every time! 

 No Photoshop here!
Just  paints, pastels, 
and wonderful layers of Encaustic. 
Building up the layers , and scraping back to reveal previous ones.


Nothing against the digital magic of Photoshop of course. 
But, there is something to the touch , feel, texture, and smell, of encaustics ,and 
using your hands to create, that fills with satisfaction, and keeps the exploration an exciting process! 

Sound like fun? 
You can join me for a 
full image exploration journey in

online workshop.

 You can see all of the details, and register
 for the workshop on the "online workshop page" of the blog , or in my Etsy Shop .

Blessings to you, 

May 13, 2015

Wax on Wednesdays! Encaustic and Graphite Monoprinting Fun

 Beautiful monoprints with graphite !

 Broke out a Gelli plate this week . I give a little disclaimer in the video as well, but  the graphite 
might be  a little bit abrasive to the Gelli plate , and it will stain it . I get it pretty clean with dawn and then baby oil , but if trying this project, you may want to appoint a special "Gelli" plate just for 
the graphite , or make your own gelli plate . 
 I have a Japanese maple that has beautiful leaves . Experimenting
with what works best in the printing is half the fun !

Materials I used this week:
"Gerneral's " brand powdered graphite
Gelli brand printing plate
local greenery 
water color paper 140lb. 
small  masonite boards I get in bulk  from the craft store 
R and F brand encaustic medium
encaustic gesso
white Shiva paint stick (for a white color layer on board)

Sometimes if you are receiving this post via email the video does not show up. 
You can view the video directly on the blog at 
or directly on the Youtube channel by clicking 

"Encausticology. Creating Imagery  in Encaustic"
Online Workshop begins May 29!
See details on my online workshop page or the Etsy shop

Happy Creating!