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Wax on Wednesdays Photo Encaustic !

To me photos and encaustic are a perfect match .  Photographs can be given an encaustic finish that lends a soft dreamy quality .  They can also be completely altered or remastered with encaustic paint , soft pastels, or oil pigment sticks. You can add layers of creamy encaustic wax, scrape back, highlight , coverup , re paint. The possibilities are endless !
This week I wanted to mount some of the photos that  I recently took at the beach . A few I left virtually unaltered with just a lovely dreamy encaustic finish and some dry brushing highlights here and there. Others I completely repainted or recolored after adding the encaustic medium with Panpastels. 
Supplies I used this week :
I like using this Amazon link because it allows you to see photos of the exact items I used. If you purchase them using the links provided to Amazon, I may earn a few cents in commission from it. This does not  raise your price in any way and this is the very same price I paid for the item on my Prime :)…

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