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Wax on Wednesdays Renew, Recycle, Refresh, Repaint!

One of the many wonderful things about encaustic is the  ability for the wax to be refreshed and reactivated . This week I took a painting done slightly over a year ago (Wax on Wednesday November 17, 2017) , and using the wax already on the board to create a new painting. 
This was one of the largest that I had done on camera at 24x24". It has been curing and hardening for over a year now , but by  reheating and reactivating the wax already on the board , I can continue to build on that painting using that wax ! 
I am also continuing to add layers of clear medium that are fused and bonded to the old layers as something completely new is created.

It is true that encaustic painting can get pricey , but there is no waisting !

Supplies I used this week :
Each week I list the supplies I used in the video here on the blog for you so that you can see and easily find the items used for that week's  technique .  If you purchase items from the links provided it sometimes generates a fe…

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