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A Little Something Different !

Happy Wax on Wednesdays!
Every once in a while it is fun to explore a little something different.  Exploring different pathways often leads  to new revelations in your own art practice. New little shifts and short journeys provide a fresh look at your approach similar to having those "fresh eyes" on a painting.
Not that we will be gone for long and stray off of our path, but I do approve  of the "playing is learning" theory and believe it promotes new avenues in your art approach. Your relationship with your art is like any other as time goes on you want to not only work at that  relationship but also keep it fresh and exciting!
For February I thought it would be fun to do a little something different each week for Wax on Wednesdays.

This week , let's see the differences in an encaustic finish for  collage and a resin finish.
I did not go over this point in the video but I do not seal my encaustic collage  with the matte medium first because it is an acrylic ba…

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