Jan 17, 2017

Some Live Workshop News, and other ramblings !

If you are wanting to join me for some live workshop fun I have some upcoming dates to announce for Spring 2017 !

Where have I been ?
 I really don't watch tv that often . I have couple of shows I turn on and then turn it back off when they are in season( Game of Thrones ). 
I do have favorite movies that I totally geek out over and like as background while doing other things which include ANY BBC Jane Austin Masterpiece Classic, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Pirates . Odd lot I know. 

I heard about
 "Outlander "
 for the first time this weekend. 
Where in the world have I been? 
I am always the late comer to these things.
 The last to join in . 
I was hooked after watching the preview on Youtube .
Oh no, that's not a good sign ...
 It then took me 2 days to decide that when I finally got a free moment, "do I read the books first, or just watch the series ?"
 This tormented me all weekend until I finally decided that if I would read the books this summer when I have a bit more free time (wishful thinking ). I am the type that has extreme guilt over not reading the books first if they exist. But, I am also the type that will seclude myself until I am done with said book which there is rarely time for . 
 I got done with my work last night at 11pm . 
 Quickly threw the dishes in the dishwasher, 
and ran to my iPad to figure out how to purchase this  and download the first season. 

"I will just watch the first few minutes and then probably fall asleep." 

After finishing the 3rd episode... 

I physically forced myself away from my iPad so that I could get up 4 hours later and finish this post :) 
Needless to say I have formed a new geek out addiction, as I finish typing this listening to the soundtrack :) .

ok onto 
Workshop News 

 First off if you would like to experience 
"Encausticology Image Exploration " Workshop live ,
 I will be in Dayton Ohio March 25 for a one day workshop at Marco's Paper
presented by the fun ladies of "White Iris Arts" !
We will be exploring adding and transferring imagery to encaustic in multiple ways . 

 enhancing your own photographs with encaustic, or use vintage photos !


bring a painting to life
 by creating a brand new painting from an existing image.  

Enhance and alter  your own imagery or fun vintage photos. 

 Click here for details and registration at 

I will also be at 
in Columbus Ohio April 27-30
for these 3 workshops
Workshops will be posted on the Artiscape website in just a couple days ! 
for updates on their site for all workshop information.
If you are in the Mid West this is a wonderfully fun art retreat with over 50 workshops from artists all over the country spanning many different mediums. 

Encaustic and  Paper Magic !
Get ready for a journey and adventure into freeing your mind , and flexing you creative muscles in exploring the completely magical effects of encaustic and paper! Free yourself creatively, and allow yourself to express your emotion through intuitiveness, color and encaustic! Hot plate monotypes, hand painting , no brush painting, building layers of color, infusing the wax and rich pigments into gorgeous papers. No encaustic experience necessary, just bring your creative spirit, a positive attitude and get ready to create beautiful wax infused papers.

"Our House" 
Encaustic House Assemblage
Create a beautiful house sculpture and bring it to life with layers of rich encaustic pigment, handmade collage papers and elements.  Then create a beautiful  handmade journal  that can be detached . No encaustic knowledge necessary, just come and have fun!

Encaustic Mini Mask Assemblages Workshop 
Vintage Metal , Encaustic , What could be more fun ! 

 Assemblage and vintage found objects find their way into these magical encaustic 3D sculptures! In this workshop find out how to embed objects into the wax and build fantastical head dresses for these hand sculpted tribal masks and faces. You will create 2 masks entirely from scratch! Learn how to add colorants and texture to the wax, use encaustic as glue as well as sculpt your mask and manipulate your found objects into a pleasing structure. Fun workshop for metal lovers as well as encaustic!

Online Workshop News ! 
This is the first week in "Encausticology Paper Journey" 
and we are making our own encaustic paints and creating encaustic monotypes !

 You can join us any time. 
The next 6 weeks will be full off encaustic and paper exploration . 

Information for the workshop is on the "online workshop " page at the top of the blog, or in the Etsy shop . 

Encausticology Collage Journey

 WOW In "Encausticology Collage Journey" 
I received a photo of this fantastic magical  piece just before Christmas and had to share it with you !
This was done by artist Jill McDowell for the zipper collage week project . I absolutely love it . 

These lovely ladies all got  the "Encaustic Christmas"  
online workshop and then got together after to create the beautiful shellac burn ornaments and sent me the photos . I love when that happens !  

I believe these lovely shellac burned ornaments belong to Kathy Bernard 

If you have photos you would like to share from any of the 14 workshops please send them to me to share on the blog :)

and Have a wonderful week !
Happy Creating !

Jan 11, 2017

Wax on Wednesdays Encaustic Painting Rainy Day Color Burst !

When those slumps come around in creative energy , 
one of my favorite things to do is create more colors ! 
Sometimes its the search for that one special color I am yearning to see that inspires and  sparks those creative juices all over again. 
This is true for me not only in encaustic, but also in oil, acrylic , and water color endeavors as well. 
Mixing and discovering , playing and exploring, 
in color. 

I sometimes sit and stare longingly at the wall of  wonderful commercial tubes and jars of colors at the art store, and or course have the urger to load it all in my hand cart. But, usually I stop myself and instead choose 1 to 3  colors that I can create several of the hues I am most in the mood for at the time.  It can be a dark palette, neutrals ,or  the search for the perfect "blue " . Sometimes its bright happy bursts in my palette that  Im in search of .   The journey of searching for that palette can be satisfying , rewarding , creatively productive. 
Creating the encaustic colors just takes longer :)
The slow process becomes meditative . The end result exciting ! 

 My favorite  encaustic tool for the last year or so  ?

This Catalyst blade ! 

 Oh my ! 
Just a few more days until "Encausticology Paper Journey " online workshop begins !
See the "online workshop page" on this blog for details or the Etsy shop. 

There are now 14 online workshop to choose from all with lifefirme access once purchased ! 

Wax on Wednesdays
 Rainy Day Color Bursts with PanPastels !

Supplies I used this week:
cradled board 6x6"
white encaustic paint
heat gun
india ink (black and white)
stylus clay tool 
butterfly stencil 

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel click

Blessings to you in the NewYear ,

Jan 4, 2017

Happy New Year and Welcome back Wax on Wednesdays !


Just a few days until "Encausticology Paper Journey Online Workshop " begins !
Hopefully the little blogger video I had for it shows up  ok. If not you can see it on my instagram or Facebook page :)

This is another encaustic journal I have been working on. When the papers are infused with the wax they are so yummy ! Just like the tactile feeling of touching an encaustic painting on board, the papers have the same delicious draw to to touch and handle them.

If you would like to see all of the details for this workshop , see the "online workshop pager " of this blog or go to my Etsy shop HERE 

This week on Wax on Wednesdays ! a super fun little transfer method with laser /toner based copies and Pan Pastels. 

Supplies I used this week:
4x4 " cradle board panels
makeup sponge
Pan Pastels
white encaustic medium
heat gun

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel click 

Beginning next week I hope to be back to daily art posts on Instagram . You can follow along for a little daily creative color boost 

Blessings and Happy Creating in the New Year !

Dec 31, 2016

Giveaway Winner and Goodbye to December

I feel like I have had a few weeks of radio silence here on the blog and Youtube. For those that don't know we lost our Great Dane this month and sad to say if left a little hole in our hearts. Reagan also got Strep after her last midterm before Christmas and shared it 
with me :) so I was unable to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ! 

Every time something would happen this month I found myself thinking  how blessed we were in all kinds of wonderful ways.   That helps a tremendous amount! It also helps to laugh at all of the little stuff , and enjoy the day  you are in.  

Creating is also such a huge part of healing. I wish that I can share the feeling with everyone that has not had the opportunity to feel it. 
The freedom to express yourself wholly and completely. 
It is also a go to comfort to be in that  moment of creating . 
To be able to create . 
To have that moment in time . 

It is a blessing. 

Some ornaments I did this month . A little painting here , and a little soldering there :)

 Also a little bit of a break from encaustic , working with some different mediums. I tend to go back refreshed and renewed . 

Wax on Wednesdays will be back next week !

Just 2 weeks until Encausticology Paper Journey Online Workshop Begins ! 

If you have been thinking about taking this exciting online journey with me now is a great time!
After the class begins on January 15 it will go to it's regular price of 89.00 . 
If you would like to see all of the details and register click 

to view in my Etsy shop or on the "online workshop page" of this blog. 
If you have been watching the Wax on Wednesdays videos and are ready to jump in and begin creating with encaustic this is an exciting journey packed full of wonderful projects ! 

If you have been creating along with me on "Wax on Wednesdays" and are ready to step it up a notch with full fun projects with all the details explained from start to finish  for you to view with forever access  this workshop is for you!
And, if you enjoyed  Encausticology Image Exploration , or Encausticology Collage , a brand new exciting journey 
is waiting for you in Encausticology Paper Journey !

 And the Winner Is .....
The winner of the giveaway for one free slot in the Encasuticology Paper Journey workshop is 
Kelly Lynn of Blissfully Yours. 
Congratulations Kelly Lynn ! 

Please contact me with your email address so that I can get you in the workshop :)

Great Deal Alert !

I also wanted to share with you the awesome sale on this heat gun ! I have had many emails this month for those of you who are new to encaustic and gathering supplies for many of my encaustic workshops. The tools do not have to be pricey ! This heat gun I use quite often myself and in my live workshops . It is from Harbor Freight and for the next 4 days it is on sale for 11.99 
 there is a 25% off New Year coupon on top of that for Sunday and Monday!!!!
Woot !!!

clicking on the coupon will take you to Harbor Freights page where you can print this out. 

Many Blessings to you and Happy Creating in 2017 !

Dec 7, 2016

Wax on Wednesdays Snowflake Stencil Fun !

Getting into the holiday spirit this week !
I used to revert to a complete sort of sparkle glitter fever when this time of year came around . Uncontrollable glass glitter and sparkles everywhere, the more the merrier.  So much that I was sweeping and vacuuming sparkles up clear through the month January .  I find that that part is really no longer true. However , my deeply loved tradition  of a handmade holiday is definitely  rooted in my dna . Every year I still wish that my Mother would have kept the Santa , Mrs. Claus and Tin soldier  ornaments that she created  and hand painted dozens of for the entire tree when I was a girl. They had very geometric almost psychedelic  hand painted outfits.   I guess after about 10 or so years she figured they were out  dated and we moved on to those sequin ornament kits from the craft store. Does anyone remember these? I still have some that we made together and I hang them every year. We had several displays set out at  Christmas each hand painted throughout  the years by my Mother. 
Christmas was also a time for 3 generations of girls to get together and create . This  included my Grandmother , who was a professional landscape artist in northern California .  Over the years we created what ever theme my mother came up with for that year . Huge Mr and Mrs Santa dolls out of Panty hose, Christmas villages, and the year I insisted we recreate Faberge eggs, which I lovingly place  on my tree today. 

Here are some of the ornaments that I have painted this season . My Mother showed me how to do these years and years ago . We used to take all of the used and scratched up balls and bleach them . Then paint them with beautiful abstract swirls inside.  
Now you can of course by them already clear and save that oh so smelly step ! Still recycling has its strong merits as well. 

Wax on Wednesdays!

While strolling through the isles equipped with my 50% off coupon, I found this stencil in the craft paint isle of Michaels last week. It reminded me of snow flakes ! 

Perfect for a December Wax on Wednesdays to show that stencils are great for use with encaustic ! One of the boards went as planned. The second I played around with for quite a while taking it in a few directions. When I became dissatisfied with the overall composition and coloring , I decided to take a step back in order to move forward. I over fused purposefully melting back everything to a flat state . This then became a beautiful swirled background for a new pattern ! 

So do I show you my full process of what I went through in the video , or just edit like I planned it that way the whole time? 
Right ! You know me to well. This was a perfect opportunity to also show that each layer is a journey and an important part of the process. No mistakes , just keep going ! It will find its way eventually and you will probably teach yourself something very valuable  in the process. 

If you would like to view the video directly on the Youtube channel click 

If you love encaustic , creating beautiful papers, creating handmade papers, and creating handmade journals , "Encausticology Paper Journey " online workshop begins in just a few weeks ! 

 Details are on the online workshop page of this blog , and in the Etsy shop. 
Also not too late to enter for the drawing for 1 free spot in Encausticology Paper Journey workshop ! Because I was taking care of a recovering from surgery hubby all weekend , I have extended the  drawing to selecting the winner this Sunday December  11. Simply leave a comment on the post . Also sharing  on Pinterest , Facebook , Twitter, Instagram etc etc  and social media  will get you entered in the drawing one  additional  time for each share ! Please let me know where you shared so that I can make sure and enter you for each time you shared in the drawing  :) 

Blessings to you,