Feb 22, 2017

Wax on Wednesdays ! Change Can Be Good

While doing some early spring cleaning in the studio I ended up sorting through some old small works that had been set aside for one reason or another . Sometimes time is a blessing and you can get a fresh perspective on things when you look at it with fresh eyes. 

A couple of them just needed something to make them pop a bit and enhance what was already there. On the third one I thought of adding a bit of collage with some of the encaustic painted papers from the workshop . I  ended up just going wherever the path led  me and it changed into an entirely new painting .  And that is ok too.  
Sometimes you have to take a few wrong turns before you are set on the right path. It's like taking the scenic route with your painting :) 

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel click

Supplies used this week:
tacking iron
masonite boards
oil paint sticks
heat gun
encaustic painted collage papers
encaustic medium
vegetable oil
baby wipe

If you would like to join me for lots of fun learning  my encaustic paper painting process I am sharing it in 2 different live workshops at Artiscape Artist Gathering in April in Columbus Ohio. 
Here is a little video for the "our house' encaustic 3d sculpture and mini journal workshop where we will be creating these beautiful papers and binding them in a hand made journal and using them as collage on our encaustic house sculpture . 

Our House Mini Journal Workshop Artiscape Columbus Ohio 2017 from Shari Replogle on Vimeo.

If you are unable to view the workshop preview video on the email version of this post click HERE for direct link to the video on Vimeo 

You can click HERE for details for this and the 48 other wonderful workshops at Artiscape this year. 

Blessings to you ,

Feb 15, 2017

Happy Wax on Wednesdays ! Valentine Collage and Paper Workshop Fun

This week in Encausticology Paper Journey we are diving in and making our own hand made papers ! 

I love all of the opportunities that present themselves when creating paper right in your studio. All of the textures that can be added , the colors, and the inclusions. These papers had quite a bit of vintage ephemera added as inclusions. Some of them have small flakes of red and blue which were  illustrations from a 1930s first reader . 

 My favorite thing to do when I enter the studio in the morning (while the wax is heating up) , is dive right in with a warm up exercise to get the creativity flowing. It's often  a fun timed challenge to relieve the stress of blank paper, canvas , or wood. but sometimes it is  an exciting exploration study! 
 Each week in Encausticology Paper Journey workshop we begin with a fun warm up on paper. 
This week is a paper marbling technique that can have beautiful effects especially when encaustic is added to the pages. 

In this week's Wax on Wednesdays I am sharing a little Valentine collage made from a variety of papers that have also been done  in the workshop.  

Spoiler Alert ! 
This is a little secret sneak peak because it is from the upcoming installment of Encausticology Paper Journey :)

I am addicted to these beauties and never get tired of making them. If you have made citrasolv papers before I am sure you can relate to the addictive nature of these papers. They are like pure magic. 

 To quote Forrest 's Mother "they are definitely like a box of chocolates because you surely never know what you'll get !"

Most of the papers in this collage are from the citrasolv, but there is also some hand painted encaustic papers , and some Japanese Hanshi paper I have painted with some amber shellac and let dry. 
Supplies I used this week 
shellac papers
citrasolv papers
encaustic painted rice papers
india ink
heat gun
encaustic medium
cradled board 

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel click 

If you would like to see the details for Encausticology Paper Journey online workshop click 

You can any of the online workshops at any time with no time limits or expiration dates. Just relax, create,  and have fun ! 

Live workshops ! 

I will be teaching several live workshops this spring !
The following 3 workshops will be at Artiscape Art Retreat at Embassy Suites Columbus Ohio April 27-30 . 

Seating is limited for these workshops so please sign up early to ensure your space is available . There are over 48 workshops to choose from in almost every medium . 

"Encaustic Mini Mask Assemblages" 
Metal , assemblage, encaustic . 
What could be more fun !
Sunday April 30 
click HERE for details
"Our House Encaustic Sculpture and Journal !" 
click HERE for details 

"Encaustic Paper Magic !" 
Create and explore techniques for creating beautiful hand painted encaustic papers , monotypes, and more. 
click HERE for details 

"Encaustic Image Exploration "
A full day workshop of exploring the magic of photo encaustic.
Marco's Paper 
Dayton Ohio March 25 
seating limited 
click HERE for details . 
Blessings to you,

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Feb 1, 2017

Wax on Wednesdays Encaustic Painting Achieving Beautiful Rusty Caramels for Collage with Glue Burn

I love a Rusty colored  Palette !
The warm rusty caramel hues mixed with vintage ephemera. 
 The layers begin to gently form a story of the past . 
I am a salvager. A forager of the forgotten . 

Wood glue burn adds a beautiful warm 
rusty caramel backdrop to these once discarded memories . 

Supplies I Used This Week:
4x4" cradled board
wood glue
vintage ephemera
oil paint sticks
encaustic medium
heat gun 
etched brass piece
old jump ring

If you would like to view the video directly on the Youtube Channel click 

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 Still time to join us for Encausticlology Paper Journey online workshop
Learn the magic that happens when infusing wax into beautiful papers, how to bind them, and make your own paper !
There is also so much great information and sharing going on in the Facebook Group group right now . You rock Encaustic Clan !

Would you like to join me for some fun Live Encaustic workshop creating ?
Spring 2017 live workshop schedule is now posted on the workshop page at the top of the blog. 

Blessings to you,

Jan 25, 2017

Wax on Wednesdays Encaustic Coloring Pages !

We have been super busy creating in the "Encausticology Paper Journey " online workshop ! This first week concentrated on encaustic monotypes, and this week we will be creating a handmade journal for all of our wonderful prints. This is a little warm up exercise created from the clean up of all of those great monotype pulls. 
When using your heated palette to mix paint colors or create encaustic monotypes , it is such a shame to let lovely excess pigmented wax go to waste! I find that even as I am attempting to clean the surface with a paper towel beautiful mark making is created , and I must attempt to capture those images! 
 I often soak up the excess wax with regular copy paper from the printer. 
They have fascinating marks and patterns that I just can't let go to waste. 
But what to do with them ? 
I create encaustic coloring pages ! 

These coloring pages are a perfect warm up exercise for when I step into the studio in the morning to start getting some color play going, and it really makes those wax blots and patterns pop !

Details for "Encasuticology Paper Journey workshop?
Click HERE for details.

Supplies I used this week :
copy paper
encaustic medium pigmented
heated palette
water color paints
paper towel or brush
If you would like to see the video directly on the youtube channel click 

Live Workshop News !

Artiscape Workshops are Now Open for Registration !
Columbus Ohio 
Embassy Suites 
April 27-30
50+ awesome workshops spanning most mediums ! 
Get ready for a journey and adventure into freeing your mind , and flexing you creative muscles in exploring the completely magical effects of encaustic and paper! Free yourself creatively, and allow yourself to express your emotion through intuitiveness, color and encaustic! Hot plate monotypes, hand painting , no brush painting, building layers of color, infusing the wax and rich pigments into gorgeous papers. No encaustic experience necessary, just bring your creative spirit, a positive attitude and get ready to create beautiful wax infused papers.
click on the photo for registration details. 

"Our House"
 encaustic sculpture workshop. 
Create an encaustic house sculpture in a very unique and fun way, and then adorn it with beautiful encaustic paints and papers. Then create a beautiful journal for your house sculpture filled with encaustic papers you have painted by hand . Click on the photos for registration details and to register for the workshop. 

Photo Encaustic Imagery Live Workshop
March 25, 2017 
Marcos Paper 
Dayton Ohio 

 In this workshop explore all sorts of ways to add and transfer imagery onto encaustic.
Use your own snapshots or fun vintage photos. We will be enhancing , altering ,and creating beautiful imagery with encaustic . 

Hosted by the lovely ladies at "White Iris Arts"
click here for registration details

Blessings to you ,

Jan 17, 2017

Some Live Workshop News, and other ramblings !

If you are wanting to join me for some live workshop fun I have some upcoming dates to announce for Spring 2017 !

Where have I been ?
 I really don't watch tv that often . I have couple of shows I turn on and then turn it back off when they are in season( Game of Thrones ). 
I do have favorite movies that I totally geek out over and like as background while doing other things which include ANY BBC Jane Austin Masterpiece Classic, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Pirates . Odd lot I know. 

I heard about
 "Outlander "
 for the first time this weekend. 
Where in the world have I been? 
I am always the late comer to these things.
 The last to join in . 
I was hooked after watching the preview on Youtube .
Oh no, that's not a good sign ...
 It then took me 2 days to decide that when I finally got a free moment, "do I read the books first, or just watch the series ?"
 This tormented me all weekend until I finally decided that if I would read the books this summer when I have a bit more free time (wishful thinking ). I am the type that has extreme guilt over not reading the books first if they exist. But, I am also the type that will seclude myself until I am done with said book which there is rarely time for . 
 I got done with my work last night at 11pm . 
 Quickly threw the dishes in the dishwasher, 
and ran to my iPad to figure out how to purchase this  and download the first season. 

"I will just watch the first few minutes and then probably fall asleep." 

After finishing the 3rd episode... 

I physically forced myself away from my iPad so that I could get up 4 hours later and finish this post :) 
Needless to say I have formed a new geek out addiction, as I finish typing this listening to the soundtrack :) .

ok onto 
Workshop News 

 First off if you would like to experience 
"Encausticology Image Exploration " Workshop live ,
 I will be in Dayton Ohio March 25 for a one day workshop at Marco's Paper
presented by the fun ladies of "White Iris Arts" !
We will be exploring adding and transferring imagery to encaustic in multiple ways . 

 enhancing your own photographs with encaustic, or use vintage photos !


bring a painting to life
 by creating a brand new painting from an existing image.  

Enhance and alter  your own imagery or fun vintage photos. 

 Click here for details and registration at 

I will also be at 
in Columbus Ohio April 27-30
for these 3 workshops
Workshops will be posted on the Artiscape website in just a couple days ! 
for updates on their site for all workshop information.
If you are in the Mid West this is a wonderfully fun art retreat with over 50 workshops from artists all over the country spanning many different mediums. 

Encaustic and  Paper Magic !
Get ready for a journey and adventure into freeing your mind , and flexing you creative muscles in exploring the completely magical effects of encaustic and paper! Free yourself creatively, and allow yourself to express your emotion through intuitiveness, color and encaustic! Hot plate monotypes, hand painting , no brush painting, building layers of color, infusing the wax and rich pigments into gorgeous papers. No encaustic experience necessary, just bring your creative spirit, a positive attitude and get ready to create beautiful wax infused papers.

"Our House" 
Encaustic House Assemblage
Create a beautiful house sculpture and bring it to life with layers of rich encaustic pigment, handmade collage papers and elements.  Then create a beautiful  handmade journal  that can be detached . No encaustic knowledge necessary, just come and have fun!

Encaustic Mini Mask Assemblages Workshop 
Vintage Metal , Encaustic , What could be more fun ! 

 Assemblage and vintage found objects find their way into these magical encaustic 3D sculptures! In this workshop find out how to embed objects into the wax and build fantastical head dresses for these hand sculpted tribal masks and faces. You will create 2 masks entirely from scratch! Learn how to add colorants and texture to the wax, use encaustic as glue as well as sculpt your mask and manipulate your found objects into a pleasing structure. Fun workshop for metal lovers as well as encaustic!

Online Workshop News ! 
This is the first week in "Encausticology Paper Journey" 
and we are making our own encaustic paints and creating encaustic monotypes !

 You can join us any time. 
The next 6 weeks will be full off encaustic and paper exploration . 

Information for the workshop is on the "online workshop " page at the top of the blog, or in the Etsy shop . 

Encausticology Collage Journey

 WOW In "Encausticology Collage Journey" 
I received a photo of this fantastic magical  piece just before Christmas and had to share it with you !
This was done by artist Jill McDowell for the zipper collage week project . I absolutely love it . 

These lovely ladies all got  the "Encaustic Christmas"  
online workshop and then got together after to create the beautiful shellac burn ornaments and sent me the photos . I love when that happens !  

I believe these lovely shellac burned ornaments belong to Kathy Bernard 

If you have photos you would like to share from any of the 14 workshops please send them to me to share on the blog :)

and Have a wonderful week !
Happy Creating !