Aug 24, 2016

Wax on Wednesdays! "Moonlight and Moondalas" Encaustic Painting Shellac Burn Techniques

I recently picked up an oil bar by Windsor Newton in the stunningly beautiful color French Ultramarine . That deep rich color inspired this new mini series called 
"Moonlight and Moondalas" 
The shellac burn encaustic technique is definitely one of my favorites to work with. It seems as though there is an endless amount of discovery in this process . The organic movement of the shellac and the wax together are always amazing to me. 
The last couple of minutes of footage of this weeks video somehow got corrupted, and I was unable to extract it from the camera. The last 2 steps that I did to these pieces that are unseen, are adding the silver leaf to the stars in piece #1, and dry brushing the edges of piece #2 with white encaustic medium. I  then rubbed  on some Sennilier gold oil pastel to the raised dry brush texture  areas with my finger . Pretty simple stuff really, but would have liked the entire footage to show you. 

You can easily see from the details in the photos what I added on there at the last. 
Materials Used this week 
masonite hardboards
white encaustic medium
amber shellac
clay tools
heat gun 
silver leaf sheets
gold Sennilier oil pastel
French Ultramarine Blue Oil Bar Windsor Newton

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Blessings to you,

Aug 17, 2016

Wax on Wednesdays is Back !

Back after a busy summer ! 
Lots of dance and some fun with friends for Ms. Reagan and ABSTRACTED workshop fun for me .
Today is the first day of school for ms. Reagan which made it perfect timing for an all new Wax on Wednesdays !

These last few weeks were also spent helping Ms. Reagan with her summer projects for school including 4 art projects. She chose encaustic for all 4 of them ! ( I did not influence the decision at all I promise you ) . These are what she created. She had to do a still life, and a portrait, for 2 of them . I will post the others next week. I was just present in the back ground for safety, and any technical questions that needed answering . 

 Her still life encaustic and oil sticks 
Her portrait .  She embedded  the encaustic flower from the scrapings of this weeks 
Wax on Wednesdays ! video :))

Wax on Wednesdays !
Excavating the Color Within 

Ok, now on to some wax on Wednesdays fun with all new techniques for you !
This weeks project was done with over 45 layers of wax. 

Each layer was fused after it was added. It takes some patience, but well worth it when it come time to carve back in to all of that beautiful color. 

Supplies I used this week:
10x10 birch cradled board
encaustic medium 
Handmade encaustic paint
natural brushes
heat gun 
clay scrapers

If you would like to view the video directly on the youtube channel click here 

Hope you had a wonderful summer !
Blessings to you,

Jun 25, 2016

Abstracted Online Workshop

 Just a few more days until the 
workshop begins !
I am very excited to get started on this journey with you !

If you would like to see the details and /or register to begin with us on July 1st,
simply click the "online workshops" button at the top of the blog , or my Etsy shop.  
We will be working in encaustic , watercolors, oils, ( sometimes mixing it  all together ) and yes even acrylics! (not with the encaustics of course :) 
We will be doing lots of exercises to loosen up , and get 

painting ,


 Painting !!!

An abstract floral series I have been working on, I am loving this particular color palette with just a lovely hint of coral, greys , and this light sap green. 
These are now available in the Etsy shop !
I haven't had a lot of finished originals in the Etsy shop , so I have been trying to be good lately and get some listed. 

 My new studio buddy in training is 4 months old today ! 
He has his final shots coming on Friday and he should be good to go
 anywhere and everywhere :)
And , yes he has a LOT of wrinkles LOL. 
Blessings to you , and have a wonderful week !

Jun 22, 2016

Wax on Wednesdays ! With One Single Color

Working with other mediums I feel often gives me a fresh perspective,
 and new ideas when I come back to encaustic.  
 Usually it is with mediums that "play nicely with" encaustic , such
as oils , soft pastels, inks, watercolors, etc. 
 But, there is always the draw of immediate satisfaction and gratification of using lots of wonderful paint at once with
 This is a small series of original abstract florals  that is now available in my Etsy shop here:

Wax on Wednesdays! One Color Palette 

 The most common question I receive from those artists getting started with encaustic revolves around the expense of building your collection . Encaustic paints do tend to be on the pricey side and the bigger the painting the faster they go ! 

Well what if I told you you could walk right in to your art store and buy just one encaustic color along with white and get started painting !
In this weeks video I demonstrate what you can do with just one encaustic paint color , and white. 
You can still create layers , lots of contrast, depth , and interest with just one color on your palette! 

If you would like to view this weeks video directly on the Youtube channel click 

Just one more week!
 until ABSTRACTED online workshop begins! 

"Renewal"  available on Saattchi  art 

To see details for this workshop click the "online workshop" button at the top of the blog , or visit my Etsy shop. 

Blessings to you,

Jun 8, 2016

Morning Studio Warm Ups Video

Happy Wednesday ! 
Today some more of my 5 minute intuitive painting explorations warming up in the studio . 
As soon as I walk in the studio , I gather my paint pallet, mark making implements, and  3ish brushes, 
and dive in . 
Am I always in the studio by 7-8 am painting away ? In my dreams that would be a perfect place. But, as artists most of us have to also work the "business" side of things,  and so that doesn't always happen . 
Have you ever FINALLY got a small window of creating time , ran full speed to  your studio or creative space , and became instantly blocked and started cleaning or organizing until you could work it out, until it was time to make dinner ? 
This is just one of my exercises I use to break that block. 
This is  a wonderful exercise if you have been busy with 
the "outside of the studio life" all day, and have not been able to reach for those paints. 
You know there is no time to work on a large project, but the call from deep inside you is longing for a brush in your hand . 
I find watercolor works very nicely for this because of their fairly fast drying time to layer , and if I am really enjoying them , I can add encaustic to them later on. But , this can also be enjoyed with acrylics as well.  

Do I have to call these completed after 5 minutes ?
Absolutely not !
If I find something is really working, I will continue to work on them to see where they go :) 

If you would like to view the video directly on the Youtube channel click 

ABSTRACTED online workshop begins in just a few weeks ! 
This workshop has a different loosen up painting exercise each week for 6 weeks,  plus exciting exploration in 6 full abstract painting projects with lifetime access !
Registration is now open . You can see the details on the online workshop page here on the blog , or in the Etsy shop. 

Blessings to you,

Jun 2, 2016

And the Winners Are .....

There are sooo many mediums that work well with encaustic . 
Almost all of them . 
This enables the field of encaustic painting to be so vast , vibrant , exciting, and diverse.
However sometimes there is just that tinge of disappointment that acrylic paints and encaustic do not get along. 
Do I still keep acrylics in my painting rotation ?
You bet. Although oils and watercolor are my habitual go to's in the studio, I still reach for those acrylics every so often because ALL  painting allows me to be in my happy place. 

 The immediacy of adding layer after layer is a draw that is hard to deny when you are waiting days  on layers to dry, or pieces to cool , or its just a little too hot in the studio for heating  griddle at 3pm :))

Drumroll please...
The winner of the free spot in the


Woot ! 

AND , the winner of the encaustic kit with my favorite color palette, brush, and cradle board
 is .....

Jackie !!!!! 

Kathy if you could please send me your email address with your info that would be great! 
Congratulations to the winners ! 
If you would like to see the details or register for the ABSTRACTED workshop, simply click on the online workshop page at the top of my blog or view in my etsy shop .

Workshop begins July 1st ! 

Blessings to you , 

May 31, 2016

Wax on Wednesdays, Mixing Up The Media ! And other Curious happenings...

Intruder Alert ! 
Well, some uninvited excitement  on the way to start my week last Monday !
A raccoon got  into our  fenced yard somehow, and got the Dane who is Great pretty good when she and hubbies dog "mr. Jack" went out to potty. I was not aware until we moved to this part of the country that raccoons could be so aggressive ! I always thought of the gentle creature pictured in my alphabet book as a child washing his "A" is for Apple . 

The Dane who is Great had to get stitched up but is ok now. The other unfortunate part was that the Dr. said the raccoon may have had canine distemper since it was out during broad daylight. This was not good news for the new studio assistant in training! He has been getting shots every 3 weeks but still needs more. Now as it is contagious ,everyone is banned from the backyard until puppy Chipper gets his next round in 2 weeks. That means lots of long walks for the big guys, and great exercise for me, but again less studio time ! The mornings seem to fly by and between the emails, office,  walking time, and a twelve week old that needs to potty every 20 minutes ,  It feels like I  haven't been able to reach for a brush  !
As a way to insure fingers touched paint everyday, 
I started "Paint 30" 
30 abstracts in 30 days on my Instagram. 
Using different mediums , substrates , and keeping my precious creating time fun , and loose , I have one finished work every day for 30 days . I allow myself to  Explore  color , mark making , and where the various mediums take me. 

You can check these out on my histogram at @Sharireplogle_studios on Instagram

A more pleasant experience last week was watching a very special someone receive something they have been waiting a lifetime for . Little ms. Reagan received approval for her point shoes and finally had her official fitting . 

Wax on Wednesdays !
 This week on Wax on Wednesdays , We are mixing up the media !
Painting with encaustic does not have to bee all or nothing. These paintings started out with just a little  black encaustic wax on paper to start the composition , and then were continued with water colors !
The added texture of the encaustic paint is wonderful with just some here and there. If you choose to add a finishing coat of clear encaustic medium to the entire piece , you have another fun advantage of being able to scratch back in the wax ! Also, you can now buff that piece to a high lacquer like shine :)
 But no need to stop there ! 
More color can be added on top of the wax with india inks .

Supplies I used this week:
140lb watercolor paper
watercolor paint
india inks
encaustic medium
white encaustic paint
black encaustic paint

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel, click 

I will be announcing the giveaway winners for 
the encaustic kit and one spot in the "ABSTRACTED" Workshop with a full post on Thursday . 

Blessings to you,