Mar 19, 2015

Wax on Wednesdays! Where Ever the Wax May Take Me..

It took a few days to get all of these papers good and rusty. I like all of 
the marbling and variation of marks in the paper, like a gorgeous rust  bleed ,
 the more concentrated iron spots, and of course the
lovely verdigris. 
This all from vinegar and salt on various elements from around the studio that I had collected for the purpose of rusting . 
 Ok , 
super tip to get you hooked .
Shari , what is the best thing EVER that rusts 
fairly quickly and gives those great spots?

Steel Wool 
: )))

Yep, my favorite thing to put on those papers amongst the various do dads is fine steel wool. On it's own, on top of other metals , this stuff rusts fast and pretty ! (onto papers that is)

This week on "Wax on Wednesdays!" , continuing with this month's theme of adding color without traditional encaustic paints, or oil sticks , oil paints, etc. ,
I went with all of the deep rich caramel tones that can be created with 

Wood Glue 

This weeks supplies used were:
cradled board
encaustic medium
wood glue
rusted tissue papers
stained tea bags
tiny bit of rusted fabric
and black and white India inks

 The video is time lapsed ,and 8 or 9 minutes long, but in actuality,
there are well over 20 thin layers of encaustic medium on this piece, with inks, and shellac etc, in between each fused layer. 

I didn't have a plan set in stone , but I did begin with some clear  thoughts , of what I saw going on in this piece. 
Then of course it took me in a completely different direction as the wax does, and I go with it. I don't fight it to keep my initial idea going. "Working against" ," struggling to get back", "making it work" these are not fun creative phrases , and the piece comes out as forced. 

I am not sure where the phrase "go with the flow " originated, but it is perfect for encaustic!

"Be aware and inspired of the way the wax is moving at that moment"
 "Work with what is happening that is exciting and beautiful", 
"Move in the direction of the way the work is going ", ( and not against it)
"Wax is forgiving, there are no mistakes"

Safety , Safety , Safety
Some of these processes are best to do outside , using caution, away from wind, children, and animals.
And , it is never good to breathe fumes of anything  especially if they are burning :)

 Sometimes if you receive the post via email , the video does not show up.
If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel 

Mar 12, 2015

Wax on Wednesdays! Fun With Abstracts, Using Watercolor , and Encaustics!

This week is super fun 
with some abstract painting , some vibrant spring colors, 
and of course some delicious bees wax ,which really
makes the watercolor "pop" , and also adds depth. 
 This week continuing the theme for the month , which is to add color to
the encaustic paintings without the use of actual encaustic paints, or even oil
sticks and oil paints! 
 So here are the watercolors I used . I probably got this set at either Michaels or Hobby Lobby 
with the 40% off coupon . Fairly  inexpensive set , but they worked really well . 
 For my substrate I used 140lb. /300 g watercolor paper that I mounted onto 
5x7" Ampersand hardboard panels.  I love these little flat panels , 
they are perfect for  experimenting
on, and working out new techniques and patterns, 
 before moving on to the bigger  expensive panels  
 This weeks supplies:
hardboard panel
watercolor paper
watercolor paint 
encaustic medium 
india ink (black and white)
 My whole goal was to edit  all of the new videos down to around 8 minutes long. Not because I don't want to share , but because I want to keep you excited about the process and not bore you :) But, this one is a solid 12 minutes. I figured that taking out too much of the actual painting would kind of take  away the whole purpose of this one ,so there it is . Going against my own rule , oh well. 

I had some major uploading problems with the first 3 attempts failing on me for some strange reason, I won't attempt to completely understand cyber space .
So, this is actually wax on Thursday !! So sorry about that . I gave up on the final attempts late last night, but one of them survived, and was all done processing  when I got up this morning :))) YAY

Sometimes when receiving the post via email, the video does not show up. If you would like to see the video you can view it directly on the Youtube channel by clicking 

I hope you enjoy this weeks video :)

Mar 10, 2015

Some Further Exploration With Graphite

Good Tuesday  !
Not quite time for Wax on Wednesdays! just yet , 
but I thought I would 
share some larger pieces with you , using graphite in encaustic in a few different ways. 

"Everyday Classic" encaustic collage 
This collage has small touches of graphite used for  highlighting  and mark making throughout the piece, but also used here as an encaustic paint .
"Everyday Classic" Encaustic collage on panel 12x12"

"Yesterday I was clever so I  wanted to change 
the world,
Today I am wise so I  changed myself."

is an encaustic and mixed media collage on panel . 
The graphite mark making on the back of the focal piece was done for me 100 years ago by a child, and I love it ! ( back cover of a first reader).

The base of the piece features  a graphite painted  plaster , and graphite encaustic paint, with india ink . 

"Today" Encaustic and Mixed Media collage on panel 12x12

These last two paintings were done using only graphite , encuastic medium , and white oil stick. 

"Too Many Thoughts" Encaustic and Graphite on board 

"Moon Dust Dancer" Encaustic and Graphite on board  
The 2 collage pieces "Everyday Classic" and "Today" 
will both be up in the shop later today. 
See you tomorrow for Wax on Wednesdays! 
Blessings to you,

Mar 4, 2015

Wax on Wednesdays! Finding Alternate Colorant Choices Week 1

Happy Wax on Wednesdays! 

 This month for the "Wax on Wednesdays!" video series , we will be
exploring alternative ways of adding color to encaustics , rather than using the slightly more traditional encaustic paints, oil paint, oil sticks etc. 

This week we will be using.....

Only graphite , and regular encaustic medium were used on these paintings.

The whole purpose of this months exploration is to try and keep studio costs down, while still having the full enjoyment of using encaustics in your art work. 
So , in the video I am using things that are pretty common . 
graphite sketching pencils
graphite stick ( I think it came in a sketching pencil set)
water soluble graphite pencils
encaustic gesso
encaustic medium 
denatured alcohol

Everything listed above can be found in Michaels or Hobby Lobby etc. except  for the encaustic gesso and medium, and you probably already have on hand. 

If you do not want to shave the graphite into a powder yourself , you can purchase it in a powder form . 
This is usually found at an art store. 

graphite powder.

 For this project, I started off with several  inexpensive 5x7 hardboard flat panels to experiment with. 

Once I have found the effects that I am enjoying   the most, 
I will use them on a larger scale painting later on. 

Sometimes when you receive the post via email, the video does not come through . 
To see the video on the Youtube channel click 
I hope you enjoy the series this month, and give it a try !

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To see details for

'The Care Taker" Encaustic Doll Assemblage

Blessings to you,

Mar 2, 2015

Good Monday! I Have a New Website!

Good Monday to you!

I am a bit excited this morning, even though we have another impending snow and ice warning this week. I am choosing to think only sunny thoughts as it is March after all.

"Ongoing Conversation" 8x8" Encaustic and Mixed Media on Board

I have a new website !
It has been quite a few years since I have had one. Once blogger improved significantly (does anybody remember what it was like in the old days to try and load pictures on blogger , and have them disappear? lol) , and Etsy grew and evolved , I have solely depended on the two for both news information, and sales etc. 

"Finding the Way Forward" 8x8 Encaustic and Mixed Media on Board
I am still keeping both the blog , and Primology the Etsy shop of course. I just felt I needed something that brought all of me together if you will, in a little more organized fashion, Ha!  You can get to the blog, Etsy, online workshop page , youtube channel, etc all from the new site. 

I am still tweaking , and fussing with it every time I think of something to fix, but it is finally presentable for you :) I would love if you hopped over for a visit ! 

Wax on Wednesdays! News 
"Change" 8x8" Encaustic , oil ,graphite, india ink on board
I have had many questions both from the "Wax on Wednesdays! " on youtube, and the encaustic workshops (Encasutic Mini Assemblage Masks , Encaustic and Metal Journal Let the Journey Begin, and Encautic and Metal Art to Wear) asking "What else can I use for coloring when the oil sticks and Encaustic paints are so costly?"

"Surrounded" 8x8" Encaustic and Mixed Media on Board 
It's true the wonderful thing about encaustic is that your equipment is minimal. But the colorants can be up there in price if you are just starting out.

I am dedicating the whole month of March for the Wax on Wednesdays! videos , to be "Exploring different wax to provide color in your Encaustic work. "

I hope you will enjoy the series this month. And ,it inspires you to give encaustic painting a go !
I also have realized that I haven't had any new finished works in my Etsy shop in some time!
I have been  hoarding all my pieces  for upcoming shows in April . But I will be sharing these smaller works in the shop today . They are  8x8"s and will be up in just a bit in the Etsy shop :). 

Blessings to you,

Feb 25, 2015

"Wax on Wednesdays!" Fun Mark Making Tools for Encaustic Painting

This week I am showing  a super fun tool  to add all sorts of mark making to your encaustic paintings. 
There is literally endless number of ways you can add really beautiful marks to your encaustic with this tool. You can even paint with it! 
What is it? 
Craft store wood burning tool :)

Now there are several kinds out there. I have the one with a temperature dial on it . It is a little bit more expensive , but well worth it ,as you only need a little bit of heat to create marks in the wax. Also ,you can vary your types of markings by adjusting the temperature. If the wax is too hot it will sort of melt back into place , like you are fusing it, instead of creating a mark. 

They usually come with different nibs or bits that you can change out and create beautiful variation in patterns. 

I enjoyed the scrimshaw looking effect of the faux frame  on the white back round.

My 3 little boards were fairly heavy vs. the base plywood board , so I glued them down first using e6000. 

This Weeks Supply List

3 small wood boards
1 plywood board
oil paint sticks (I use Sennelier)
 Encaustic Medium  ( I use R and F brand)
craft store wood burning tool
e6000 to glue smaller boards to larger substrate

Sometimes if you receive the post via email , the video does not show up . If you would like to see the video on the Youtube channel click

I have  buried myself in the studio lately, getting preparations ready for upcoming live workshops, and working on some larger paintings for my upcoming Spring shows.
My focus on my own works
( I say that , because I feel the "Wax on Wednesdays!"
works are to share for everyone , and I try to sort of  gear the colors ,
 and what I use etc.   so that it can translate  into multiple styles ,
and be taken many directions if you would like to try out the
 techniques in your own style :)
"The Satchel" 12x16" metal , oil, encaustic , on cradled board
Whereas my personal work , is more deeply related to how
 I am feeling at the time, and my relationship with the wax.
It does feel like a relationship .
Maybe that is why I love it so.
 It is definitely give and take. Push and pull. Forward and backward.
Harmony and conflict.
"Walls" 12x16 on cradled board
The best way to describe this latest series is
"Organic decay"
Not originating from  nature,
 but the effects of decay, and decomposition, of mankind's possessions over time .

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and Happy Creating!