Aug 31, 2016

Wax on Wednesdays! The Beginning of an Encaustic Technique and Product Study

 I had another project for this week, but  Ms. Reagan who has been doing a lot of really fun and interesting things in her art class with various types of markers, proposed the question, "How do Sharpie Markers work with encaustic ? " I actually don't think I have  used them and was excited to give them a try. It also presented the  opportunity to share with you a little bit on how I at least begin a study with a new technique or product. 

A lot of times these are on going findings. A week , or even a month from now I may think of some other use or direction to take these in . Each discovery is recorded for future reference , and allows me to continue to research , play, and discover cumulatively over time. 

 The good , the bad, the ugly are all written down in hopes that I can learn from each experience with the technique or product. Each finding becomes important , even if it is a failure. I am learning "what can happen if..... " 

No fancy techniques today , but I hope that you enjoy the little peak into the beginning of my study process , and that you may find a little something useful in it to use for  your own creative discoveries :) 

List of Supplies I used this week:
Sharpie Markers
white encaustic medium 3-4 base coats
masonite hard boards
clay tools
black paint stick R and F brand
heat gun
Japanese rice papers

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel click 

Aug 29, 2016

WORKSHOP SALE! And Archived Wax on Wednesdays for You !

Office duties today as I wait ever so patiently for the air conditioner repair man after what had to be the hottest weekend of the year with no air. But, 91 degrees in our downstairs did not stop us ! We made puppy pop ice cubes , and had good fun with an early morning 5k color run at the park for Reagan's  dance studio  on Saturday. 

 I was the color helper , she was a runner/ color receiver but we were all covered with a beautiful rainbow in the end. Who would want to run a 5k any other way really ? 

I am gearing up for the fun Fall Art Walks at the downtown studio !
My current series are these encaustic monotype scrolls on beautiful Japanese papers. 

I am in complete love with the way the bees wax saturates these papers , and the takes in the color so richly. 
They actually feel delicious !
partial shot of my messy fun , You don't get to see the whole mess :)

 Workshop Sale !!!!!

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Encausticology Image Exploration Workshop

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How to Create Beautiful Broken China Jewelry Workshop 

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Encausticology Collage Workshop
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How to Create Beautiful Boho Etched Bullet Jewelry Ebook /tutorial 

Encaustic Mini Mask Assemblages Workshop 

Birds of a Feather Solder Together Workshop

Encaustic and Metal Journal Journey Workshop 

"Fly " Let the Journey Begin ... Assemblage Journal Workshop

Solder and Spice ! workshop 

How to Create Beautiful Broken China Jewelry Workshop 

Encausticology Collage Workshop

Come join the creating fun !
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Wax on Wednesdays ! Archived Videos for You 
I am now in the process of archiving all of the Wax on Wednesdays! Youtube video series for you here on the blog ! If you go to the Wax on Wednesdays! page at the top of this site, it will take you to a directory of the youtube series.  You can click on the project you want to see,  and it will take you to that weeks blog post with a list of the supplies I used, and the video. Now you can easily find your favorite Wax on Wednesdays video , or explore some more that you have not yet seen ! As of this post they are listed in chronological order , and I have the first 20 out of 60 up for you. It is a slightly tedious process that I will be finishing up this week :)

Blessings to you,