Dec 10, 2011

New PFATT Offerings

 The New Merry Christmas offerings on PFATT go up today!
                                Please come for a visit to Primitive Folk Art Trinkets and Treasures 

 and see all of the artists offerings updated on the 10th of every month :)
 For my  December's offering , I made "My Vintage Doll " etched brass cuff bracelets.
 A lot of you know I collect the real photo snowman and Santa antique post cards ,
but I also LOVE LOVE the Victorian real photo children with their dolls and bears!
                                      I also etched the brass cuffs  in my favorite polka dot pattern !
There are 4 all together and go up today for  24.99 each . 
                                                Please see my page on PFATT for details :)
Also, Jeffrey has added another steel metal work  piece to his new Etsy shop that he created. Click on the photo below to see his metal work on Etsy. 
Blessings to you , and I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Dec 9, 2011

Amazing Metal Work To Show You

My oldest Son came home from the Navy last week. I wrote before a little about his medical issues. After the fractures kept reaccuring in his legs, they also found a tumor inside his Tibia. Not to worry , they sent him to a cancer specialist , and was tested over time to make sure it was not growing etc. They did not want to drill into his bone as it would further damage his leg. They did come to the conclusion however that this very athletic young man, would chronically keep re fracturing his legs from now on in training. He encountered his desired path taking a serious turn that he had not planned on.

Now he is home, honorably discharged , and he is still getting married as they had planned at the end of this month. There is  a company that is hiring him while he goes back to school, but the backround checks and paperwork will take a few weeks unfortunately , and he is a little ancy to say the least LOL.

So his Mom said to him "why don't you create a welded piece and put it on Etsy!"
On What? was the response I received (how can you have never heard of this wonderful addicting place LOL)

Well , after searching through my stashes in the studio (only the manly drawers only haha) and getting his welding machine all tuned up out in the garage, he made this...
A steampunk metal work" jewelry holder" assemblage with working clock gears!

Yes, all of the gears on this piece turn, and the top ones if rotated, actually rotate the large one
in the center!! The ring holders are old bells from a Vintage Big Ben alarm clock. Everything on it is vintage accept for the steel base that he forged for it. Its so perfect to hold steampunk , soldered , metal work jewelry .

Ok , I know I am a proud mom , but seriously , I thought this was Awesome !!!

 This is from the little boy who said for years all he wanted to do  was Pitch for the
New York Yankees and be an artist.
Well his pitching arm left him a couple of  years ago, but I think the art is still quite alive in his heart.

I just had to share this jewelry holder with you . We showed him how to put it on Etsy and here is the link to the listing if you would like to see :

I am trying to talk him into making me a piece for Christmas now !!!! :)

Dec 5, 2011

And the other 2 winners are....... and Thank you!

okdokie, Thank you so much for bearing with me East coasters , I know its getting late. Here they are...
The winner of the Snowman doll is is .....
Karen of Recycled Rita! YAY Karen:)

And last but not least is the winner of the vintage flowers guessing game. And the winner of the Paris necklace is........

Marsha of Hands to Work Studio with a guess of 143 out of 144! W-O-W! Yay
Marsha!! :)
Thanks everyone for playing, visiting ,  and coming to my web show . I appreciate everyone's kind comments so much , and will still be answering some over the next couple of days here :)
Hope everyone has a great week!

And The Winners Are!

The winners of the first 2 are by random # .
And the winner of the paper weight is .....
Robin of Robins Nest  YAY!
I hope everyone will bare with me just a bit.
I am pick up duty for the girls at Tumble Team , and my blogger , or computer is acting up a bit probably from the rain storm.
I will be posting the other 2 winners as soon as I get back.
Thank you so much for joining me tonight!


Web Show Time!
Thank you so much for joining me :)
Click here or on photo above to go to the Show
I will be posting winners of giveaways in just a few minutes!

Web Show Preview!

5pm pacific, 8pm Eastern time
Just a little longer until the web show starts. Yay!
Here is a little preview of some of the items that will be 
in the show. 
I hope that you like them :)

 Hope to see you there!
I will be posting winners of all three drawings shortly after 8pm eastern . 
I will start the show at 8 o'clock!