Jun 30, 2017

Fluid Fridays ! Acrylic Pour Painting Varying the Dark Colors

Happy Fluid Fridays !
This week I have a little discussion about using hard board in a pour. This is the first time I have used the hard board in an acrylic pour although I use them daily in my encaustic for techniques and encaustic fluid painting practice. 
Each board was prepped with a good brand of artist grade gesso but I think they will require several coats in the future. 

 Each pour this week used the same additives and the same color palette. The only difference in the pours are the darkest color used in each .
Sap Green
Prussian Blue
Ultramarine blue

Supplies I used this week :

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Happy Creating !

Jun 28, 2017

Wax on Wednesdays Mono Types with Gel Press and Handmade Stencils Part 1

 A lot of times I set out to show a specific technique to you and it changes direction into something completely unplanned . This week I had planned a technique out to show you a finished project painting incorporating  encaustic mono types like I have done on the channel in the past . 

I was in the zone of looking for some more household items to use as tools when I got completely hooked on cutting them myself out of the copy paper I had been using for the prints. Fine detail , organic , whimsical , this copy paper can do it all ! I fell in love with the pulls I got from them using the oil paint sticks and just had to share them . 
Next week I will show the painting I was doing with the finished mono prints , and possibly one more after that so this is Part 1 of "Mono Types with Handmade Stencils and Gel Press Plate"
The Wax on Wednesdays Project Group is hopping with such great sharing ! I am loving the interaction and enthusiasm for the art of encaustic from  encaustic artists in all stages of their encaustic and artistic journeys in the group. This is the last 2 days to sign up for the introductory subscription price of just 24.99 for an entire year ! AND there there is a giveaway each month including one for some of the supplies I used this week ! 
For all of the details for the Wax on Wednesdays Project group see the link to my website 

Supplies I used this week:

I used Hammermill all purpose copy paper 

Only 2 More days for the Early Bird registration for Encausticology 101 online workshop !

 Join me on a fluid acrylic painting exploration journey as well!
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Blessings to you,