Wax on Wednesdays Mono Types with Gel Press and Handmade Stencils Part 1

 A lot of times I set out to show a specific technique to you and it changes direction into something completely unplanned . This week I had planned a technique out to show you a finished project painting incorporating  encaustic mono types like I have done on the channel in the past . 

I was in the zone of looking for some more household items to use as tools when I got completely hooked on cutting them myself out of the copy paper I had been using for the prints. Fine detail , organic , whimsical , this copy paper can do it all ! I fell in love with the pulls I got from them using the oil paint sticks and just had to share them . 
Next week I will show the painting I was doing with the finished mono prints , and possibly one more after that so this is Part 1 of "Mono Types with Handmade Stencils and Gel Press Plate"
The Wax on Wednesdays Project Group is hopping with such great sharing ! I am loving the interaction and enthusiasm for the art of encaustic from  encaustic artists in all stages of their encaustic and artistic journeys in the group. This is the last 2 days to sign up for the introductory subscription price of just 24.99 for an entire year ! AND there there is a giveaway each month including one for some of the supplies I used this week ! 
For all of the details for the Wax on Wednesdays Project group see the link to my website 

Supplies I used this week:

I used Hammermill all purpose copy paper 

Only 2 More days for the Early Bird registration for Encausticology 101 online workshop !

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