Apr 17, 2009

Here is Comes :Convenzione 2009 Pleasanton California

Ready or Not
It's alm
ost here
one 2009
Pleasanton California
I will have lots of fun limited edition kits, and oodles of vintage goodies at the show on Sat and Sun.
May 2-3.
Come join the fun!
Can't wait to see everyone there

Apr 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

It was a much busier March than I anticipated, but I am now working hard on the kits for Convenzione 2009 in Pleasonton , Ca. I am so excited!

Click on the icon above for more details about the event. The "Art Paperie and Pleasantries" is open to the public Sat and Sun. May 2 and 3.
This weekend is about family , and I am taking this short break to share with you, but otherwise staying away from the computer for the weekend. Jeffrey is home from U of L, Mason came home Friday from spring break in Florida with the church youth group , and Reagan has big plans for baking a "Bunny Cake" today that we make every year, and my Mother used to make f or me.
This week , Reagan and I got the new Somerset Life magazine, one of our favorites. Since we had our egg dye out nice and handy, we decided to try our hand at dying the beautiful ribbons that Connie Govea Stuart did in the magazine.
This is a sampling of our efforts.
I honestly think that Reagan's came out much better than mine. She is more daring in her experiments, and had the best results with it.
I can't wait to use them on a project!
Hope everyone has a blessed weekend.