Apr 27, 2012

Work Shops!

Here is a slide show of the "Metal Journal Exploration," and the "All About the Junk Necklace " workshops.
These ladies created all Fri and Sat mornings, and look at all of these gorgeous art to wear pieces they made!

It took me a little bit to gather photos from cameras, phones, etc. and put them together.

Thanks to Paula for taking many of them, and helping me out, both  inside, and outside of the workshops  all 3 days !    She got to come home with me for the week after the show ! We were pooped , but we got to have some nice friend  time together .  She has returned home  to Boston now , but we will see each other again for Country Living Magazine Show in September . EEk! That is coming up quick too :) .

Apr 25, 2012

Just Listed on Etsy

 Just a quick post to show a few new fun things that have just been listed in the Etsy store.
 I am completely in love with Fair Trade silk sari ribbons, and finding all sorts of fun things to use them on.
 These are 2 of the Vintage Gypsy Doll Tassel necklaces. This one has a braided silk sari chain, and is one of my fun Junque tassels, with all sorts of gorgeous trinkets and vintage goodies.
 The second one came out so soft , whispy ,creamy , shabby. I was just in love with this color, and wanted to make a necklace that reflected its soft vintage feel.

 This one has a hand crochet chain, and features 3 crochet rosettes.
Tomorrow I will be posting pics from the other 2 workshops at Artiscape :)

Apr 22, 2012

Workshop Fun!

Oh my goodness , I am not even sure where to start with all of these wonderful creations from the 3 workshops at Artiscape in Columbus Ohio !

This is going to have to be a two part post for sure , but  I am going to jump right in and start with the "Casting Call " Metal Charlottes workshop. 
 These ladies worked hard all afternoon ,
 and all  had some gorgeous pieces to show for it in the end.
I did better about taking photos this time , but not nearly as many as I would have liked. We all get so busy creating , I forget to take out my camera at times.

 Ms. beautiful  Robbie won the most ambitious beader on her gorgeous piece. I thought that I had several photos of her and her piece including a closeup , but darn they were not on my camera when I got home.
If I did not capture a photo of your piece, or you went home and changed up, added some extra bling, further adorned  , etc your pieces email me a photo and I will post it here :)

Thank you so much  Marshae, Marjorie, Cathrine, Donna Nadine, Pam, Robbie,Lydia, Barbara, Cecile, Dawn, Cynthia, Darlene,Sue , and Cathie ! (and ps: my foot is fine now lol :)
Next post up will be  the "All about the Junque Necklace workshop". 

What's New?

Gypsy Junque Doll Necklace!

 These little vintage ladies are adventurous and  love to travel and explore. They have collected
many treasures along the way to adorn themselves with.

 Their treasures are added to gorgeous flowing recycled silk Sari ribbons.
2 of these special little ladies will be available Wednesday night at 8pm.
I will have several posts here  for you this week. 
And, I think its about time for a giveaway don't you?

Apr 9, 2012

A Delightful Surprise! and Almost Time for Artiscape

 I was a wee bit frazzled last week. 
Organizing supplies for going out of town, organizing house for going out of town, organizing child for going out of town, and Easter, before going out of town LOL. 
I was to the point by Friday I was doing very silly things , including forgetting what I was currently doing because I was thinking 10 steps ahead of myself ( a true caffeine whirlwind). I am sure we have all put non food items in the fridge on accident and then wondered where they were  right ????
 Well , on Saturday out of the blue comes this beautifully wrapped package.....
It's not my birthday (I don't think , at this point who knows). 
It is a" just because"
 gift from my friend LuLu Kellog!! 
I am so excited!!!!
 It is a truly beautiful  creation that she made.

I love it! !!!!

And, I will treasure it dear friend. 
You have no idea what perfect timing it was. It truly touched my heart.
Thank you LuLu :)

 We also managed to make these cupcakes for Easter . 
Can you believe Reagan let me get away with forgetting the sprinkles?
She is the Sprinkle Queen!

This week I already feel so much  better. All my notes are organized , ducks in a row, and I just have to find one of my Mom friends to do help with Reagan's "cometition hair" for the state meet Daddy is taking her to while I am gone.


Ladies will get a chance to make one of my "Junk in the Trunk" tassels at the Outsider Art Fair at Artiscape!
I am bringing gooodies, goodies, ....
and more Goodies for these yummy tassels.
 You can get a strand of the etched bullet casings (shown) 
or individually , and make a tassel right there at my table. 
I will show you how !

Blessings to you,

Apr 1, 2012

New in the Studio! Vintage Lace Cuff Bracelets

 These fun "Vintage Lace Cuff Bracelets" come in 3 different styles. 
They are made to order, and were just listed on my 
 Each one is completely hand stitched ,and slip covered over a standard size sturdy cuff.
They are all finely detailed, and embellished with gorgeous delicate vintage trims, 
laces, Victorian millinery flowers, vintage pearl beads and antique buttons etc. 
 They are further adorned with hand sewn antique  lace ruffles, and rosettes.
Choose from a genuine vintage tintype with antique buckle frame, handmade beautiful 
Madonna Bezel, or one of my Cast Metal Charlotte dolls.
Cuffs ordered this week will be shipped out on April 19th. 
Visit my Etsy Store for more details

Blessings to you,