Aug 12, 2011

Day 5 and Workshop Fun

Day 5
Day 5 "A Face a Day"
Acrylics, PanPastels, Charcoal, stamps, Ranger Inks

Well , it became necessary to play hooky yesterday, just for one day, from "A Face a Day". It was for a good cause though, Workshops!                                         

We had a great time in both workshops. Lots and Lots of soldered little haunted houses. Oh, they were all so awesome! 24 awesomely creative ladies made wonderful art ,and then soldered them in a little house shape , and embellished with decorative wires, patinas, beads, and even some filigree.
I learned that I will NOt bring my Iphone as a camera again lol. Not because it doesn't take decent pictures, but it has a big pink case around it (so I won't brake it ), and it is hard to peel back little doohickey and take photo at same time ! The results? I took horrible pictures :( .  It will definitely be the SLR from now on.

 After that we quickly changed gears and in our next workshop, made Pumpkin Fairies galore!

Thank you so much ladies for making it such a very special day! In every workshop, I  enjoy watching everyone's creative spirits at work. It makes the day so special for me, to see everyone's creativity unfurl  :) I truly love it!

Pssst ,and oh and a little surprise! It has been a while since I have had any vintage dollies available. I will  have a new little Vintage Doll Assemblage listed on PFATT tomorrow! Yay

Aug 10, 2011

Day 4 and Getting Ready For Workshops Tomorrow YAY!

Day 4

"Good Morning"
Day 4 of "A Face A Day"
This little lady went through a couple of transformations, and I ended up digging quite a bit into my Pan Pastel stash. They are extremely addicting! I just love their softness, and blending abilities.
This is truly how I feel in the morning , however I admit that most of the year it is a yummy cold Diet Pepsie , or best of all a Coke Zero ,that gets me going :) We caffeine addicts understand one another no matter what our true love is ;) .
And here we go ! My tables are just a sea of little kits ready to receive their finishing touches (and chocolate of course :) and be loaded up into the SUV. Also on my table, lots of check lists, and drawn out diagrams for power chords and student stations for a room I have never seen! LOL.

Workshops tomorrow YAY!

Aug 9, 2011

Day 3

Day 3

A wash of color today. Mostly acrylics, with a bit of Pan Pastels, and charcoal , done in my Moleskine.

If you are in either the workshops on Thurday, just 2 more Days! So excited , it seems like there are little kits everywhere ! lol.

Aug 8, 2011

Day 2 A Face A Day, and Vintage Weekend Treasures

Day 2:

Day 2: I struggled with this one a bit ,as I was really tired last night. I have now set up the Flickr Group if you would like to join me in simply drawing or painting a face a day:)
Quick trip to the antique market in Indiana this weekend lead to finally getting another vintage buckle fix! Sometimes, I can scour the whole market without finding even one interesting buckle , but on Sunday I found several , and came home a happy girl!
One tiny compact in there too . It was so cute , I already have some plans for that one!