Day 4 and Getting Ready For Workshops Tomorrow YAY!

Day 4

"Good Morning"
Day 4 of "A Face A Day"
This little lady went through a couple of transformations, and I ended up digging quite a bit into my Pan Pastel stash. They are extremely addicting! I just love their softness, and blending abilities.
This is truly how I feel in the morning , however I admit that most of the year it is a yummy cold Diet Pepsie , or best of all a Coke Zero ,that gets me going :) We caffeine addicts understand one another no matter what our true love is ;) .
And here we go ! My tables are just a sea of little kits ready to receive their finishing touches (and chocolate of course :) and be loaded up into the SUV. Also on my table, lots of check lists, and drawn out diagrams for power chords and student stations for a room I have never seen! LOL.

Workshops tomorrow YAY!

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