Aug 19, 2011

Day 10 A Face A Day

" Remembering ~ To Always Move Forward"

Happy Friday !
Well here I am at day 10.
I think I am  beginning  to hear my own little voice now , and am starting to follow
it :)
I gave her this title , because I remember the past because it strengthens me , but I try not to ever dwell
there ;)
Some Metal goodies will be in the mix next week (promise).
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Ps: Thank you so much for all of your notes of encouragement for this project!! Both on the blog and privately. 

Aug 18, 2011

Day 9 A Face a Day

"Seeking"  Day 9
Just a quick little note and another Face a Day!
Next week, I hope  to have a couple of "sneak peaks" for some of all 
of the "goings on" here  around the studio  for Country Living Magazine Fair coming up!

Aug 17, 2011

 My little nest was empty for just a bit today , as it was the first day of back to school for Reagan. And, my Mason starts college next Monday Woot woot! He is commuting from home , so I don't feel that sadness , and nervous anxiety of little ones flying the nest,  that I felt with Jeffrey (yet, he still wants to go back to Japan next year lol). 

Reagan loves to collect these tiny nests when they have blown down abandoned. We find them when we are out walking or running sometimes. They are woven so tightly, and neatly.They are architecturally fascinating  , and if you look closely you can see all of the various "findings" the birds have used to pad there nests. It's quite an assemblage of found materials. No wonder we love them.

Day 8 "A Curious Day"
For Day 8 of A Face a Day, I have my version of Alice
when she drinks from the  bottle labeled "Drink Me" ,
"Tasting of cherry tart, custard,pineapple,roast turkey, toffy, and hot buttered toast" !

Yuck :)


Aug 15, 2011

Day 7 and a Note of Love

"Make your own path, Create your own journey"
Today's face is a girl again, but her message is dedicated to my oldest son today. As I was finishing her this morning, my son called me, and said that is injuries have gotten worse, and he didn't know how much longer he could endure the program (Navy Seal Training). This training is brutal, and we knew these reoccurring  fractures in his legs were big trouble , in the way of him achieving his dreams. His heart tells him one thing , and his body is telling him something else. But, if one door closes , God opens another, and I believe that is the truth. My love is with him , and I hope that he finds his path that he feels is "making a difference" so he says. It will come, sometimes we just need to quiet our minds of all of the negative , and "listen" harder for where our paths truly  lie.

"Make your own path, Create your own journey"....

Ps: Changed the song list up a bit to Kermit. Sorry for those who don't like muppets , but I used to sing this to him as a baby, and the message is still true :)

Aug 14, 2011

Day 6 and Stampaway Convention 2011

 Day 6 of "A Face a Day"
Acylics, Panpastels, charcoal, stamps, and vintage papers

This is the face for yesterday. I had finished sketching it out last night , but had bigger plans for it , and saved it to finish up today. I was inspired to do a witch after visiting my blog friend LuLu Kellog. She always has such wonderful Halloween pretties on her site, it got me totally in the mood!
Yesterday was the 19th annual Stampaway Convention Sale, and Mason agreed to take Reagan and I!
He had the day off for the first time in a while, (and wasn't busy with other things) and we convinced him to spend some Mom and Sis time. 
Unfortunately, as soon as he walked into the convention center , he looked around and said " There isn't a man in this building is there? LOL
Of course there were all sorts of Manly Hubbies that were vending , or helping while their wives did demos, etc. but his frightened  reaction was priceless.
Yes, I know it was a "stamp", and craft supply show. But, I know where to go for the vintage goods! :) There are always a couple of booths I can't count on for a vintage fix , while I'm there, and I was not dissappointed. I LOVED my doll! And, Mason carried all our loot, including my beloved doll head, around the whole time for us so we could watch all of the demos etc. I think he spent most of the time texting with his Iphone while we were busy, but he was a good sport about listening to all of our jabber about art supplies we HAD to have LOL (sweet boy).

New Doll Assemblage on PFATT
This little vintage girlie was just posted to my Pfatt page.