Aug 14, 2011

Day 6 and Stampaway Convention 2011

 Day 6 of "A Face a Day"
Acylics, Panpastels, charcoal, stamps, and vintage papers

This is the face for yesterday. I had finished sketching it out last night , but had bigger plans for it , and saved it to finish up today. I was inspired to do a witch after visiting my blog friend LuLu Kellog. She always has such wonderful Halloween pretties on her site, it got me totally in the mood!
Yesterday was the 19th annual Stampaway Convention Sale, and Mason agreed to take Reagan and I!
He had the day off for the first time in a while, (and wasn't busy with other things) and we convinced him to spend some Mom and Sis time. 
Unfortunately, as soon as he walked into the convention center , he looked around and said " There isn't a man in this building is there? LOL
Of course there were all sorts of Manly Hubbies that were vending , or helping while their wives did demos, etc. but his frightened  reaction was priceless.
Yes, I know it was a "stamp", and craft supply show. But, I know where to go for the vintage goods! :) There are always a couple of booths I can't count on for a vintage fix , while I'm there, and I was not dissappointed. I LOVED my doll! And, Mason carried all our loot, including my beloved doll head, around the whole time for us so we could watch all of the demos etc. I think he spent most of the time texting with his Iphone while we were busy, but he was a good sport about listening to all of our jabber about art supplies we HAD to have LOL (sweet boy).

New Doll Assemblage on PFATT
This little vintage girlie was just posted to my Pfatt page.


  1. You lucky girl for getting to go to the Stampaway Convention! How fun!

    ROFL @ Mason saying "there isn't a man in this building is there?"....out of the mouths of babes!

    LOVING the witchy!!! Of course you know I eat, breathe and dream Halloween 365 days a year :)


  2. Love your Halloween girl!!!
    Lucky you to go to Stampaway Convention..jealous!!

  3. Lulu & I are best buddies! We've been blogging together since 2008 & just this past spring we roomed together in California when we went out for Moulin Rouge Art Event. WHAT FUN TO SEE SOMETHING HERE (the witch) with her in mind... She so loves her skellies she makes me laugh. I don't love skellies but, I do love witches. Have a great week.


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