Jun 25, 2016

Abstracted Online Workshop

 Just a few more days until the 
workshop begins !
I am very excited to get started on this journey with you !

If you would like to see the details and /or register to begin with us on July 1st,
simply click the "online workshops" button at the top of the blog , or my Etsy shop.  
We will be working in encaustic , watercolors, oils, ( sometimes mixing it  all together ) and yes even acrylics! (not with the encaustics of course :) 
We will be doing lots of exercises to loosen up , and get 

painting ,


 Painting !!!

An abstract floral series I have been working on, I am loving this particular color palette with just a lovely hint of coral, greys , and this light sap green. 
These are now available in the Etsy shop !
I haven't had a lot of finished originals in the Etsy shop , so I have been trying to be good lately and get some listed. 

 My new studio buddy in training is 4 months old today ! 
He has his final shots coming on Friday and he should be good to go
 anywhere and everywhere :)
And , yes he has a LOT of wrinkles LOL. 
Blessings to you , and have a wonderful week !

Jun 22, 2016

Wax on Wednesdays ! With One Single Color

Working with other mediums I feel often gives me a fresh perspective,
 and new ideas when I come back to encaustic.  
 Usually it is with mediums that "play nicely with" encaustic , such
as oils , soft pastels, inks, watercolors, etc. 
 But, there is always the draw of immediate satisfaction and gratification of using lots of wonderful paint at once with
 This is a small series of original abstract florals  that is now available in my Etsy shop here:

Wax on Wednesdays! One Color Palette 

 The most common question I receive from those artists getting started with encaustic revolves around the expense of building your collection . Encaustic paints do tend to be on the pricey side and the bigger the painting the faster they go ! 

Well what if I told you you could walk right in to your art store and buy just one encaustic color along with white and get started painting !
In this weeks video I demonstrate what you can do with just one encaustic paint color , and white. 
You can still create layers , lots of contrast, depth , and interest with just one color on your palette! 

If you would like to view this weeks video directly on the Youtube channel click 

Just one more week!
 until ABSTRACTED online workshop begins! 

"Renewal"  available on Saattchi  art 

To see details for this workshop click the "online workshop" button at the top of the blog , or visit my Etsy shop. 

Blessings to you,