Abstracted Online Workshop

 Just a few more days until the 
workshop begins !
I am very excited to get started on this journey with you !

If you would like to see the details and /or register to begin with us on July 1st,
simply click the "online workshops" button at the top of the blog , or my Etsy shop.  
We will be working in encaustic , watercolors, oils, ( sometimes mixing it  all together ) and yes even acrylics! (not with the encaustics of course :) 
We will be doing lots of exercises to loosen up , and get 

painting ,


 Painting !!!

An abstract floral series I have been working on, I am loving this particular color palette with just a lovely hint of coral, greys , and this light sap green. 
These are now available in the Etsy shop !
I haven't had a lot of finished originals in the Etsy shop , so I have been trying to be good lately and get some listed. 

 My new studio buddy in training is 4 months old today ! 
He has his final shots coming on Friday and he should be good to go
 anywhere and everywhere :)
And , yes he has a LOT of wrinkles LOL. 
Blessings to you , and have a wonderful week !

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