My little nest was empty for just a bit today , as it was the first day of back to school for Reagan. And, my Mason starts college next Monday Woot woot! He is commuting from home , so I don't feel that sadness , and nervous anxiety of little ones flying the nest,  that I felt with Jeffrey (yet, he still wants to go back to Japan next year lol). 

Reagan loves to collect these tiny nests when they have blown down abandoned. We find them when we are out walking or running sometimes. They are woven so tightly, and neatly.They are architecturally fascinating  , and if you look closely you can see all of the various "findings" the birds have used to pad there nests. It's quite an assemblage of found materials. No wonder we love them.

Day 8 "A Curious Day"
For Day 8 of A Face a Day, I have my version of Alice
when she drinks from the  bottle labeled "Drink Me" ,
"Tasting of cherry tart, custard,pineapple,roast turkey, toffy, and hot buttered toast" !

Yuck :)


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