Jan 31, 2008

I played Hooky

Today I am knee deep in everything ! Because, yesterday I completely played HOOKY and went to visit my oldest son down in Louisville where he is a Freshman at U of L. It was worth it though , because I haven't seen him in several weeks.

Not a really great picture, but it was all of 15-16 degrees outside, and for this California girl that means it hurt to even smile when outside.We ate breakfast at the popular Lynns Paradise cafe . They were featured on Bobby Flays Throw Down on Food Network a while back.
Then he was even nice enough to take me to the Louisville Antique Mall and go through all 4 stories of it with me!
This is the view from the 4th floor of Old Louisville.

On a different but equally Wonderful Note :

Sherry at Esprit D' Art is having a drawing in honor of her 100th post. Congratulations Sherry!
Follow the link to her blog to see the details about her giveaway.

Jan 29, 2008

Make Mine Pink

I believe I am now completely addicted to digital collage using real vintage
elements and ephemera. If anyone out there is as fascinated with this as I am let me know. I am an age (not telling...ok 38 ) where the computer can be my worst nightmare , or I am completely mesmerized with what it can do, as I am when working in Photo Shop.

I have a few new collage art charms up this week on Staffordshire Garden Designs site as well as my new
I am quite excited about Staffordshire Garden being a part of these wonderful shops. My boutique is brand new for 2008, and has just been activated. Go take a look!

Jan 23, 2008

New Fun Vintage Items On Staffordshire Garden Site

The vintage wallpaper pendants are back! I have just added these to the Staffordshire Garden Site. For those who did not see them last year, they are all made with genuine vintage wallpaper from 1920s through early 60s. I love, love, love, vintage wallpaper, and can never seem to have enough! Perhaps it is not possible to have enough! My husband would probably beg to differ on that point, but just thinking about it makes me long for a great flea market or antique show to go look for some. Whether your mood is 50s kistchy or shabby chic and roses . These are each original and one of a kind so when they are gone they're gone.

Jan 17, 2008

New Year New Goals

I am so excited about what's coming up in 2008! At the end of the year I set 10 new goals for the upcoming year for Staffordshire Garden Designs. Can't tell what they are now, but I will tell if/ when they come about. Two of them maby as early as first of Feb. Currently I am trying to keep a good balance between the main web site, the Etsy store , and the Ebay store, but sometimes I get in a mood and tend to favor one , so you just have to look at all three to see it all unfortunately.
Also at the beginning of the year I was honored to have Amy of Razz Pizazz add me to Aged Vintage Papier
a wonderful group of talented ladies.

Finally, the blog has a
slightly new look, and it is playing my favorite song YEAH!. It's getting there slowly but surely at least. I won't tell you that I almost deleted the whole template, and turned it bright banana yellow before it got to this point! Oops ! I just did.