Aug 26, 2009

Whimsical Fun and Frolic Halloween and Holiday Season Countdown and Studio updates

In just 5 days Staffordshire Garden Designs will be
kicking off "2009 Whimsical fun and Frolic "
Holiday Seaso
n .

Halloween is one of my all time favorites. The site will be full of handmade one of a kind Vintage Halloween
goodies and "treats".

Last weekend my son both surprised and delighted me, by adding the flying witch to the front page of the site! (see here)
I can't wait to see all of what he is plann
ing for Tuesday. I can hardly wait myself!
I will be starting things out on Tues Sept 1st. with a Vintage Halloween giveaway here on the playswithpaper blog.

Just for you

In the Studio...

I just received the new issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry, one of my favorites. So many wonderful pieces , I was honored to be included.

Hand Dyed Soft Fall Colors

How often does this happen all in one spur of the moment shopping trip!
6 vintage purses, including 2 doll purses !
Needless to say I was tickled to death. And this was true power shopping (as most shopping is with me), with just 35 minutes to peruse an entire 50,000 sq ft antique mall in Ohio.
All of these need some love , which is exactly what I have been looking for . They were at great prices, and perfect for some projects I have had in mind for a while.

Aug 14, 2009

Some Reasons I Love Kentucky, and Studio Happenings

A few reasons I love Kentucky....

unreal shades of green

How my mind pictures "the road less traveled".

Random wild flowers

Gorgeous gym with no monthly membership fees!

because I just like to look at it.

WHAT THE??????? OK, so it totally gave me the heebee geebees just to photograph this for you. I cannot get used to the prehistoric looking bugs that I randomly see. This caterpillar like creature also swims!
Really Don't want to know what he's going to be when he grows up!

Reagan and I have been going out with Mason while he practices running for the upcoming cross country season, and this is a 122 acre public park one mile away from our house. The trails ,are updated from old 1800s logging trails. There is a 210 ft descent into the park , which is why Mason runs it (for the hill work).

On to the studio.....

offered now on Staffordshire Garden Designs site
for Make Mine Pink Friday
"Seaside Cottage" theme

2009 Halloween Witches Sneek Peek (SHHH)
backed with mysterious magical vintage mirrors....

coming soon.

Aug 6, 2009

Home From Pasadena Bead and Design Show

"create the journey" bracelet

I have been home for a couple of days , trying to catch my breath a little, and getting back on Eastern time!

It is so easy for me to get stuck on western time. Now I am up until 2:30 and 3:30am ! Oh well, whenever I get back from a large show , I am always compelled to go completely through the studio, and do a very thorough cleaning and organizing (since I left it in such a frenzy it looks like tornado damage!)

I taught 2 workshops while I was at the show, and could absolutely KICK myself for not having my camera for them to take pictures of everyone's wonderful work!
I had brought all of the supp
lies for the class down to the booth from the room in the morning ,(this case weighed about 100lbs,one shocked gentleman actually asked if I had a body in my huge case , and I do think sometimes it was actually pulling me rather than the other way around!) and went straight from the booth to the class both times.
These lovely ladies in both workshops worked so hard and had such beautiful results.

If you read this
Lynne, Diane, Susan, Kirs
ten, Helen,
Heather, Judith, Lora , R
obin ,
Elena, Cindi, and Nancy please send pictures of you fashioning your beautiful creations, and I will post them

on the blog. You all were so amazing! I was nestled between 3 beautiful glass bead artists as my neighbors this show.
The first was the talented Kirsten Peters McGrath

As it turns out, she is from where my family used to live, in central California, and is my BFF Barbara's Dad's next door neighbor! (There is a Bacon factor in there somewhere I'm sure).

Kirsten was always working on wonderful creations all weekend and I loved watching all of her fabulous "travel tools"!
My absolute favorite was her glass birds!
And all of the amazing colors.
On my other side was sweet Pamala of Bondi Beads
Wow! amazing detail.
And, across from me this time, was the always lovely Becky Caraco and

I love her beads, and her finished pieces where she mixes in with wonderful vintage elements like vintage keys.

just me.

Next up...

I will be at the Country Living Magazine FairI am really looking forward to this show. I attended last year just to shop, and it was wonderful. It will be in the same beautiful little repurposed village again this year.
If you get the chance, it is a great experience with both artisans , vintage, and wonderful food. True fall experience in the Mid West. I love it!