Mar 31, 2010

Spring Dance

Spring is ...

a dance.Peeking out of the studio this week , is "Spring".

The OOAK ballerina art doll.
Now available on Etsy.
click on photo below for details.

This is actually my 100th post!

I am not able to do what I had wanted to do for the big 100, so I have decided to save it for my 101 posting! Keep watch , as I am excited that next post will have some fun giveaways and hopefully some other fun stuff as well. I am hoping to have it up in just a bit
(tentatively Monday the 12th), but I continue to be a little swamped at the moment, and need to play just a little more catch up, to keep DH happy and everyone organized including me.
For some strange reason our "spring break " falls 12-16 this year which really odd, but this is when I think I will be caught up and take a little breath of fresh air! See you then...

Mar 28, 2010

all separate images used in this collage courtesy of the graphics fairy ,
see link on side bar(Thanks Karen!)

Well, I actually caught a little bug this week, and it just slowed me down a little, even though I really don't have time to . Usually I feel kind of off kilter for a couple days, but never get really full blown sick. This one seams to have got my number.

Nothing new in the studio this week as I am trying t
o keep on top of some orders.
But, I did create this Spring digital collage for you, to print out and use on whatever you like......

Pillows,tags,coasters,packaging, linens,charms, whatever you can dream up!

It is Sunday as I am posting this, and that is our more "in depth" cleaning day. I am playing the song that I put on to get my kids in "the mood". Of course, now that they know what it means when they hear it, they all run away very quickly! OOPS.

Mar 22, 2010

Just a few notes from the studio

Just a few quick notes from the studio.....

Spring has finally sprung here, and it seems like everything has been busy at the same time, both with the little, and now not so little ones, and also here in the studio.
With spring comes many more activities, and also spring break for the big college one. I was very happy to get to have him home most of last week.
He did sleep quite a bit though!

French Eiffel tower pendant available on Etsy. Click on photo for details.

little French girl front and back. Available on my etsy.
click on photo for details.

"True Love" Available on my Etsy
click on photo for details

Look what the stork brought!

And amidst all of the hustle and bustle ,
look what arrived for me last week from Germany.

I was simply tickled! I love all of their painted shoes.
Definitely a new project a-brewing
as these lovelies need to get dressed!
Their story to be continued........

Mar 5, 2010

In Honor of Alice......

In honor of Tim Burton/ Disney's Alice in Wonderland coming out this weekend , I have a few things I would like
to share with you from the studio.
I have always had a love for all things Alice.

Reagan and I are off for our little mommy and me "date" to see the movie in just a couple of hours. (3D so excited!). So ....

I didn't want to show these to you with out offering them, but I don't have time to list on Etsy tonight . I am going to put a pay pal button on each of these tonight on the blog, and then I will move them over to Etsy on Sunday. If you purchase them off the blog, I do offer a 2 payment layaway plan . (1/2 now , and half in 30 days) to make it so much easier on the pocket book.
If you would like the layaway plan, and the piece is sti
ll available ,just email me and I will send you a separate invoice for it.
Each piece will arrive gift boxed , and shipping is FREE within US.

"Your nothing but a pack of cards!" ~Alice"The Queens Minion"

Now available on my Etsy

click above for details

This is one of the Queen's little minions. I picture him singing
"We're painting the roses red". All 3 pendants have sterling silver chains and clasps which I will happily adjust to the length you would like. Each are made from a vintage frozen charlotte doll from c. 1890-1910. Their backs are copper that has been etched with vintage inspired designs by me. Their handmade little copper box bodies have vinta
ge heart playing cards and sterling beading. Each of the queens court, and the queen herself, have high ruffled sterling silver mesh collars that have been given an aged patina.

"Do you play Croquet?" ~The Queen of Hearts
"The Queen of Hearts"

Most of the Queen's "finery" has been assembled from antique Victorian tintype foil frames. The frames are so tiny, and so incredibly ornate , they were perfect for Her Highness. Her crown is handmade from brass that I have again etched, and detailed with the antique frame filigree. Her frock is a ruffled sterling silver mesh. She carries a sterling silver staff detailed with more antique frame filigree and findings.

"I'm late!"

Ok ,I have to admit he is my favorite.
I love creating different variations of the white rabbit.

He has a vintage clock inside him, and a etched copper pocket watch aside him, and yet he is still late!
The White Rabbit

As always please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.
Well, Reagan and I are off to enjoy the movie...
We don't want to be late!

"OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!"I'm sorry , I just couldn't resist that one.