Jun 26, 2010

Part Two ~Mad Hatter Tea Party ~Down the Rabbit Hole

Oh my,
now a crowd has formed . Where in the world
is that Hatter?

The White rabbit has kept a vigilant lookout for our guest of honor all afternoon!

I think he has spotted something , or someone...
I think I see something but I can't quite make
it out over all o
f those tea steeping tea pots.

Finally the Hatter has arrived. Apparently he could not decide on proper attire for such an occasion as this.Yes, yes, now everyone take their places at the table and the White Rabbit will pour out.
By the way Hatter, did you bring the gifts for our friends?
Oh good , I am so glad that you had not forgotten.

Giveaway Alert

He has brought out new designs from the studio

"For the Love of Alice" pendants.

And, one of them will be in our giveaway in honor of the Hatter's tea party!

It will be the winners choice of the 3 designs .
They will also be listed in my Etsy shop hopefully by tomorrow evening .

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post. I will draw the winner
on Thursday at the stroke of Midnight.
Thank you so much for joining me friends , for the Hatter's Tea Party.
For those inquiring after Mr. White Rabbit , he has been spoken for today, and will be hopping off to his new rabbit hole soon.
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Until next time...

Jun 25, 2010

Welcome to A Mad Tea Party ~ Down The Rabbit Hole~Part 1

A visitor has arrived to invite Alice to tea.

Well, as it just so happens , Alice adores tea, and so she followed the visitor down, down, down, the hole ,to a curious wonderland that was also oddly familiar to her.
She courteously would like to ask you all to stay as well . The more the merrier , she always says. The white rabbit is to host, and will pour out.
is this?

The Hatter is missing , and so is all of the tea, and gifts, for their guests.
Whatever shall they do?

A tea with no tea? And, a party with no favors! And, the time, the time, worries the rabbit!
It seems like a very sad to do. But, all is certainly not lost yet.
The White rabbit has assured us that he will keep a close watch out for that Hatter, and our tea.
Until then Alice will have to simply dream about her teaparty in wonderland.
Stay tuned for part two this evening! Hopefully the Hatter will be found, and there will be some Wonderland favors to give away! Keep your fingers crossed!

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Jun 8, 2010

And the Winner of the Blog Follwers Giveaway is.....

And the winner of the bracelet from the list of wonderful blog followers is.....

-And wow this has gone international
it is Anne Miek of Anne- Miek Dagelijks Werk from the Netherlands
Congratulations Anne !!!
My last day to receive orders before we leave for Disney will be Thursday, so that I am able to get everything all gift boxed and shipped out before I leave. These are some Vintage Broken China Jewelry Necklaces I have just
finished, and
added to my Etsy store.
I am enjoying the soft , timeworn, and slightly more rustic look and feel of these, like beach glass, or old buried crockery.

This is the third workshop I am doing in
Pasadena :

"A Bewitching Good Time,
Soldering and Beyond"

This class will be July 30 2-5:30pm, at the
Pasadena Bead and Design Show.
Here is the link for more information, and to register for this workshop
"A Bewitching Good Time ,
Soldering and Beyond

You can still register for all 3 workshops while I am on vacation. I have an inventory counter on the classes , so as long as the "add to cart" button is still up on the class, there are spaces available. The button will automatically remove itself when the spots are sold out.
I will be back on June 21st refreshed and ready to get back to the
studio, and get ready to head to California!
See you then!

Jun 6, 2010

Happenings ,Workshops, and the Winner of the first giveaway is........

I am happy , excited, and a little bit blue today all at the same time.
Less than 2 weeks ago , we found out that Mason had won a scholarship to to be a summer exchange student in Japan. Well, nothing like the last minute! He has been wanting to go for almost 2 years. The problem with the "less than 2 week notice" scenario is that he had no passport, and he had school finals , final projects, and a state track meet!
After many phone calls , I found out that we had to go to
Chicago, which is our closest regional passport office (about 5 1/2 hours from us)

This was our beautiful walk from the hotel at 7:15 am to get to the passport office by promptly 8:30am , complete with a letter from our Congressman's office. Our Congressman's office , along with my friend Jamie (Thank you so much Jamie!), was a very great help to us in planning this. Then...

We had to wait until they issued the passport later that afternoon soooo.

We walked to Navy Pier and had Bubba Gumps!
We may have passed ~just a few stores~ along the way that we took a little peek in as well! Wow , that mile really is Magnificent!

Then , at the very end of the day ,being a California girl at heart , and considering that we probably walked at least 10 miles that day( seriously, I had no heel left on my shoes!) ,we felt it only right to stop in here

For this!Before we made the trip home. (there went my diet)

This is what Mason was doing about 14 hours before he got on the plane , running at the High School state meet down in Louisville. I think he was well ready for a nice nap on the plane this morning!
He is off to California now, to spend h
is orientation at UC Berkely with some quick "survival Japanese " language crash sessions and then on to Tokyo .

I am so glad Mason got his wish, and something he worked for.
But, sometimes the right thing for a Mom to do is the ha
rdest thing, and I will miss him.

(my favorite Disney digital collage I did of him a couple of years ago)

I want to thank everyone for all the kind and wonderful comments you left here , and I am going to get back to each one this week before we leave for Disney World with almost all of our family.

And the winner of the Frozen Charlotte doll by random number generator is ......
Congratulations Carol Mae!
congratulations to Carol Mae of Prairie Dreams

I will draw the winner of the bracelet from my list of blog followers tomorrow at midnight .

"Afternoon Tea"
Broken China Jewelry Pendant workshop

Lots of fun stuff in this workshop!
This workshop will be Saturday July 31st
5:30-9:30 pm
Pasadena Bead and Design Show
Pasadena Hilton
You can find out all of the information and register for it, and the other 2 workshops I will be doing while in California here:


Other than getting orders off to the post, in between the rush to get Mason organized and off to Japan, I have not been in the studio to "create" this week. Hopefully I will get at least one new creation done to offer before I leave for Florida.