Sep 29, 2011

Thank you! and Web Sale Coupon for Readers

 I would like to sincerely thank everyone who joined me last night to kick off the web sale, and giveaway results . Especially those ladies that stayed up after their bed times for it on the East Coast time! Thanks ladies! You all made it a lot of fun :)
 The sun finally arrived today , for the first time this week ! And, I was able to get in some better shots of some goodies finally. I saw the sun and grabbed the camera !
It was a good thing too, as now it is one big thunder storm outside again :)

I had to give the Newsletter subscribers first dibs on the coupon for the sale ,
but now that it has been 24 hrs.  I am giving a coupon for all blog readers.
If you enter FALL sale on any purchase in my store you will receive FREE SHIPPING on all purchases YAY!
I will be posting another giveaway shortly after I return from Atlanta. And, hopefully shortly after, will able to post some turtorials on some fun things to do and create with the metal Charlottes !!

Sep 28, 2011

And The Winners Are!

 Okedokie here we go...
The number of jingle bells in the photo was ....
136 jingle bells!!! That makes the  winner of the Vintage Doll Leg Necklace

Sandi Collins with a guess of 115 jingles 
Congratulations to you Sandi :)

The winner of the Pumpkin Baby is ......Debra I
Congratulations to you  Debra . (please let me know your mailing info so I can get these goodies to you :)

And FINALLY the winner of one of my Metal Charlotte girlies is (by random number generator) ...CONNIE of
She Dreams Big!                     Yay congratulations Connie!   

Congratulations to all of the winners!
And, thank you for joining me tonight!
Blessings to you,

The Web Sale is Here!

 Welcome Friends ! 

To the Fall Web Sale 
 Please follow this link to attend the sale  This LINK :)

I will announce the winner of the giveaways at approx 10pm.  I am running a bit behind, and need to take a small break and   get Miss Reagan in bed !(btw I preposted this its not really 9pm as I am typing :)

A Preview for Web Sale Tonight

Yay! Tick Tock....
Here is a preview of the goodies in the web sale tonight at 9pm eastern time.
At 9pm I will post the link , or feel free to go right over to my Etsy store at 9pm.
I will be announcing the winner of the giveaways shortly after I begin the sale.

Oh yes! Some cast Metal Charlotte babies will be in there too:)


The Art Doll photos are coming . The sunshine has not cooperated the last couple of days. But she is ready for her close-up :)
I will be adding the photo to this post  as soon as I get one I like lol.  
Blessings to you, 

Ps: here she is :)
I will post details all about her at the sale tonight!

Sep 24, 2011

Add One to the Giveaway!

 I am so very excited to share these little ladies with you! It has been a while coming , but I am finally able to share them ,
and I am thrilled!
 It is no secret that I love Charlotte Dolls, and I love metal. 

These little cast Charlottes are each one of a kind. No two come out the same. Each one is cast and signed by me.

And look ,you can play with them....

Drill them, sand, cut, shine , or add more patina.
Here I have drilled her , and used her as a focal point on a necklace. This one has a pitted texture on it , which I kind of like, and think adds interest. This is a result of playing with different temperatures. I will be listing a very limited quantity on the web sale Wednesday night. I will say in the description whether they are smooth or pitted in texture.

AND..... I am adding one to the giveaway, YAY!
I will add one singed Charlotte as a separate drawing on Wednesday night. 
Just leave a comment here if you would like to be entered. 
Also, if you would like to sign up for the other guessing game giveaway sign up on previous post HERE
I am drawing all winners shortly after I start the 
Web Sale 
Wednesday at 9pm eastern. 

 The necklace pictured will also be in the sale Wednesday (sneek peak :)

Blessings, and have a wonderful weekend!

Sep 22, 2011

Let's Have a Giveaway!

 It has been a while since I have had a giveaway here on the blog. Much too long! Sooo, I am having two giveaways !! First off I wanted to share one of the little Vintage Pumpkin Baby necklaces. These were made  from the old German bathing babies , made around c. 1900 . I just love these little antique babies, with their sweet hand painted faces.

But alas,they arrived from Germany with no clothes! I didn't have any cabbages in the yard, so they got into the pumpkin patch , and this is what they came up with. 

This giveaway is a great big "Thank You" for following my blog. Everyone who follows my blog is automatically entered in this drawing :)

Next we have a vintage German Doll leg necklace with a darling red shoe. It hangs on a soft pretty ribbon and has a dainty little jingle bell charm.To enter this giveaway .....

Guess how many jingle bells are in this  picture!!!!
(you know I love guessing games :)

The drawing for the winners will be at the "Web Sale" Wednesday Sept 28th at 9pm eastern time! I will post the winners shortly after I start the sale event:)
Ps: I may add to this drawing over the weekend


Sep 21, 2011

Back From Country Living Columbus!

 I am back home from the Country Living fair! As usual it was fun and non stop. It is really nice that people come from all over the country to attend. I met a lot of wonderful people from absolutely Everywhere having a great time! The weather was a little chilly Fri and Sat  but no complaints here.
 The photos here are ALL from Sunday LOL . It was really too busy to take camera out on Fri and Saturday, and I just plain forgot as usual . I was kind of bummed on Sunday when I realized that .  The views here are just from my tent. A peek out of the back of the tent, and one out the front on Sunday Morning.
 I didn't really make it out of my tent during show hours until Sunday at around 4pm.

When I did , I went straight to sweet Jenni Bowlin  and got my vintage fix for the weekend! I have so much  fun in her booth hunting for all of the small vintage treasures,( I NEED ! )LOL
 She gave me this perfect old flash card. How wonderful and perfectly fitting for my booth!!! I will treasure it.
Now just 4 weeks until Country Living Magazine Fair South in Atlanta Georgia!

But, before that, I know that my listings in the store have been very slim getting ready for all of these adventures.  
So, I will be bringing a "web sale" to you next week with some of the new goodies I have been working on lately!
I will be  adding a giveaway as well in the meantime , as it has been a while since I  have had one of those as well! 
Today finishing up putting the studio back in order is a must! Tomorrow , I will post the details for the giveaway :)
Blessings to you,