Nov 29, 2011

Second Holiday Givaway, and Gearing up for the Holiday Web Show!

As promised here is the second of my Holiday Giveaways this week :)

It is a lovely 3" glass  paperweight, with one of my favorite Victorian Snowman images collaged  inside, filled to the brim with vintage goodness, including some of  my favorite 1940s yummy pink wall paper, brass frame, rhinestone chain , vintage buttons . and trimmed in vintage ribbon and millinery.

It is even backed with pretty antique advertisements from the early 1900s.
If you love vintage snowmen,  Victorian Christmas, or just would like a pretty vintage  paperweight , simply leave a comment on this post for a chance to
win :)
Drawings for all of this weeks giveaways will be on Monday Dec. 5th shortly after the Holiday Web Show begins at 8pm eastern time.
PS: A paperweight  similar to this will be offered in the  Holiday Web Show as well ;- )

(better photo than the ones last night :)


Nov 25, 2011

Holiday Giveaway #1 , and Holiday Web Show Dec 5

Having fun on Black Friday?
Well hopefully by now you are home from the hustle and bustle and able to have a cup of coffee and relax!
I myself am just not a good shopper.
I  like to hear the stories regaled from friends about there adventures and conquests, but I myself would rather sit home quietly and create with a warm cup of mocha latte . I know really weird, but I am not one for traffic, lines, and mobs trying to get something there are only 5 of lol. I know I know thats the thrill of it. Hopefully you all got what you set out for today and had  successful journeys :)

                                                 What was I doing at midnight last night?
                                     Putting the finishing little touches on the first Holiday Giveaway!
For my first giveaway of the season , I offer to you  one of my original little "Snow Lady Dolls".
This little snow lady is the first of  3 giveaways that I will be giving away at the
Holiday Web Show on December 5th. She stands  8 " tall , and is a wonderful
gift box that you can place small treasures inside. She is hand sculpted onto on of my hand dyed bottle brush trees. She is signed and dated.

To sign up for this Snow Lady Doll Giveaway
simply leave a comment here on this post :)
A winner will be drawn on Dec. 5th , and announced shortly after the Holiday Web Show 
begins at 8pm eastern time!
I am so excited to share the Holiday Web Show with you. 
It is my biggest single offering of the year , and 
I will have 2 more giveaways for the show to share with you soon!

Blessings to you,

Nov 21, 2011

I am back from the "Merry Makers " Folk Art show and had a lot of fun. Reagan was so excited that she got to come with me , as she was not able to come to either of  the Country Living Fairs. Our great "girls weekend" together  also included seeing "Wicked " yesterday in Cincinnati with my soon to be daughter in law Sara , and we all  absolutely LOVED it ! So , I included my favorite song on the playlist for this week :)
 This show, I was actually able to go around Saturday a bit and take some photos to show you.
Cheryl Kuhn of "Small Stories Studio" was there with her wonderful assemblage creations.
This was my very favorite piece! I just loved all of the elements in it, and of course I love the doll and her musical body!

 These ladies were my lovely neighbors the "Pink Eyed Sissies" and some of their pretty  whimsical repurposed Holiday necklaces in vintage optometrist lenses !

 Here is the Lovely Lori Ann Corelis who also did the web site for Merry Makers show. Wow ! Since the first time I saw her creations in a magazine years ago ,  I have always thought her animal friends were simply Magical.   

 And here is Lurena from Tattered Moon and her oh so fabulous gals!
  Each one just had their own sparkling personality. You can catch her in "Prims" right now.

OK . Since these fun  ladies were all so kind enough to pose for me, at the end of the show when everyone is a little tuckered out , I will include the one photo of me that Reagan took lol. This is Lorena and I, in Lorena's wonderful  booth. I have been known to cut myself out of photos and just post the friend I posed with, as I myself am not overly fond of photos either LOL. So here it is  thank you ladies!

Well I am off to get ready for the Holiday Web sale Dec 5!
LOTS OF GOODIES in store for that one!
I will try and get the giveaway posts started here this weekend.
Happy Thanksgiving to all :)

Nov 15, 2011

Save the Date !

 Please Save the Date :)
December 5 2011, 5pm pacific 8pm Eastern time

 For the 2011  Holiday Web Sale! yay!!

 I had many incredibly  nice emails about Amy the Lost Christmas Elf , 
and requests for more like her as she went so quickly last week on my PFATT page. 

(One of my mohair bunnies)

I do promise to have at least 2 dolls  in the Web sale on Dec. 5. 
I have also promised to have 2 of the
"Vintage Doll Cuffs"
in the sale.
"OLY" Elephant
                                                   And also perhaps another  friend or two :) 

                      The Holiday sale is my biggest web sale of the year , I have been working away,
                                                     and I am so excited about this years sale!

I will also have 3 fun  GIVEAWAYS for the sale. 
I will be posting
the sign ups and announcements for the giveaways next week when I return 
from the Merry Makers Folk Art Show
                               This show will be at the Clark county Fairgrounds in Springfield Ohio,
                                       and is in Conjunction with the Springfield Antique Show !

Nov 9, 2011

Lily !

Today I would like you to meet  Lily!  

Lily loves to play dress up , and sit in pretty tea cups!
She also likes to eat sugar cookies with friends.
                             Lily chose this 1930s doll dress from my collection ,and it fit her oh so perfectly! 

Lily also fancies jewelry. This is her very own necklace with a vintage photo of a little girl and her large teddy bear. 

Lily is a 5 way jointed, German Mohair, very huggable,  bunny approx 6 1/2" tall.  she was created by hand (by me :) is signed , and is wearing a handmade doll dress from the 1930s.
She will be available for adoption tomorrow November 10th , along with Amy( see Amy's story on the last post), On PFATT
 at 1pm eastern 10am pacific time.

I will be attending the Merry Makers Folk Art Show next weekend in Columbus Ohio in conjunction with the Springfield Antique Show! This will be my last show for 2011. And then it is time to get ready for the Holiday Web Sale the first week in Dec.! I am excited. There will be lots of giveaways , and fun so stay tuned! 


Nov 8, 2011

Amy the Lost Christmas Elf

Quickly after Halloween , I find myself completely caught up in Christmas! I know its early , but I sort of celebrate Thanksgiving as an extension of my Christmas spirit ! LOL. Today I would like to share Amy, and her story with you.

Amy was once one of Santa’s helpers long long ago. Her main job at Christmas time was loading the sleigh, and insuring the safety of all the toys aboard. She loved her job , because she knew it would bring  smiles and joy on all of the little girls and boys faces on Christmas morning.

Then, one Christmas eve, a doll for Chrissy Ann B., somehow toppled out of Santas bag as Santa himself was going down the chimney of another child. “Oh No!” cried Amy , who always rode along to insure all the toys were safe. She hurried down the side of the large sleigh, and dove after the small porcelain doll.

The doll fell into the rain gutter , and Amy climbed through the snow after her. She was able to recover the small doll, but unfortunately Santa, in a hustle and bustle of a  hurry on his busiest of nights, called his reindeer and flew off, not knowing Amy had left the safety of the warm  sleigh.
Amy , cold and shivering in the night, was able to squeeze through a small hole leading into the attic of the house with the doll in hand. Not wanting to be discovered, she slipped into an old steam trunk that had been used in the attic for storage and long forgotten by the family.

Many years and a few generations later, the family cleaned out the attic, and found Amy and her doll in the old steam trunk.  Amy , after being discovered, conveyed her tale to the nice family . She was very relieved after all of this time just to be out of the trunk.
Unfortunately for Amy again, this nice family was moving away,and were unable
to take Amy with them. She is now looking for a new adventure and a new
adoptive home. She likes smiles, tea, other dolls and toys , and an occasional snicker doodle (she is an elf after all!)

 Amy is one of 2 dolls , I will be sharing on PFATT (Primitive Folk Art Trinkets and Treasures Group).  I will be sharing her friend Lily with you tomorrow here on the blog :-)

Both dolls will be available for adoption on PFATT on Thursday November 10 at 1pm eastern 10 am pacific.


Blessings to you,