Jan 27, 2012

Long ago there was a war.

Like every war,
there were many wives of soldiers
who waited ...
 And hoped , and prayed.
That soon  their  soldier,
would return safely home to them.
That their love,
would not be lost...

That hope 
would not be lost.

Was she from the North?
Was she from the South ?
It matters not , love has no geographical ties.

where he left her ,
she waited patiently.

This "hope"  necklace was created with that feeling in mind.

Original antique tintype necklace "Hope",

will be in my Etsy store later today.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jan 23, 2012

Good Monday Morning!
I have a couple of new things to share, and also some details on one of my upcoming workshops!
Metal Journal Exploration
In this workshop we will be on a metal working exploration journey . 
You will learn how to create your metal journal, and create your own beautiful cover that reflects your creative vision. All journals will look completely different , a reflection of the artist creating them. Are you feeling steam punk? Romantic? It is all up to you. You will also learn assemblage of your metal journal , create a working piano style hinge , and how to attach it, fuse beautiful embellishments onto your creation, make metal head pins to hold extra treasures . In this workshop we will be using both torches and irons . A full project kit is included with the class.
All Tools are available for student use.
If you already have a small butane torch, and would like to bring it so that you do not have to wait to share that is fine, I will also have some to share in class. 
The only thing students need to bring are a cheap set of jewelry pliers (round nose , flat, and cutters ) that can get ooky. That's it!

Registration for this workshop is on the Artiscape web site  . 
There are 50 wonderful workshops to choose from
All taking place in Columbus , Ohio 
April 12-15. 2012

 Jan -March is busy , but also  my time to organize myself for the rest of the years "to do list". 
Also , time to stretch myself in the studio. "Exploration" is my key phrase for this time of year.
Although, this usually only gets to happen at 2am these days it seems lol. I am convinced that I need about 6 more hours in everyday would be a good thing.  

I just new when I saw this awesome gem type /tintype  that it needed to be a Steampunk piece. I just love the hat!! The charms are antique clock gears from my stash , on sterling head pins. 
It will be available on my Etsy later today .
Blessings to you , and have a wonderful week!

Jan 15, 2012

New Workshops are Now Available!

Well, we had a whole lot of " Hoopla" going on at Christmas time!
Famlies, weddings, new carpets :) .
In all of the goings on ,
2 of my 150+ year old Staffordshire Tranferware plates in the dining room 
perished in the shuffle of things,
as it were.
I have collected pre 1865 transferware for many years.
certainly no sense in crying over spilt 150 year old Transferware! 
I created this piece from one of the beautiful center focal sections of the plate ,with castles in the backround. 

 The piece features rhinestone rhondels, beautiful Aquamarine stones (these are so yummy), and a lovely
metal Frozen Charlotte! She will be available later tonight in my Etsy store.

And guess what?
I will be teaching one of my broken china jewelry workshops here in the mid west this spring at Artiscape ! Classes just opened up yesterday . Click HERE for the link to the broken china jewelry class :)

And , guess what else?
"Casting Call" Charlottes in Metal
I will also be teaching this class on how to cast metal Frozen Charlottes, and make them gorgeous focal points on this beautiful rosary beaded necklace (above).
This year is going to be so much fun , I am excited to start it off at Artiscape in Columbus Ohio April 12-15

If you have any questions about the 3 workshops I will be teaching at Artiscape please email me at shari.replogle@insightbb.com .

Blessings to you,

Jan 11, 2012

Technology Isn't Always the Best Option

The other night I was headed up to bed , to sketch out some new ideas, and I told my husband how nice it would be it I could do quick sketches on my Iphone ( i LOVE my Iphone).
 "On that little tiny screen?" was his reply (he has a droid ). Well,often I find that I  do not have my notebook with me, and am grabbing for anything to jot ideas down on. In the past, I have been know to use crayon, eye liner , glitter pen, napkins, receipts, and paint samples.  Then, if I don't glue it right away into my journal , it has the potential to get lost in the shuffle. Or , I don't write it down at all,  it still gets lost (in my head! lol).
"Well I am sure that there is an APP for that," he said.
I was determined , and found a very cute one at that!
                                                                WHAT IN THE WORLD? LOL
No matter how you slice it , drawing with your finger on a tiny screen is not easy, or in my case legible ! LOL
After about 3 attempts , I gave up the ship, and came to the conclusion that  a pencil was much more precious that I had previously thought,( and I already think very highly of my pencils :)
My son told me an Apple stylus would solve the issue , but I am afraid I might quickly lose that as well, as there is not a place for it on the phone (to hold it that is).
This was the piece that  the sketch was supposed to be of !! LOL . 

         I think that I had better stick to good old fashioned paper and pencils for now :)
I have just added this piece , and several vintage supply goodies to the Etsy store :)

Jan 9, 2012

Happy 2012!

Here it is already the 9th of January!
I am just beginning to settle in to the normal swing of things here . My oldest son was married 4 days after Christmas, and a beautiful event it was. As a result , I was able to have my Father in from California for Christmas and a good long visit, and my Mother in Law in from California as well the day after Christmas until just a couple of days ago.
 Jeffrey and Sara are moving into their new apartment this week, College and elementary schools are back in session :) and then I am dreaming of some good quality studio time! I am very excited about this. I loved all of our festivities, visiting with dear family, and Holiday Hoopla, but this girl is  ready to get back to the studio.
the Valentine Elephant will be my first offering for 2012 on PFATT (Primitive Folk Art Trinkets and Treasures) updated on the 10th (that's tomorrow!) of every month at 10am pacific time.

I am also honored to be  the  featured PFATT artist for January 2012 . 
                Thank you so much Sandy !

I am always excited to see everyone's new offerings on the 10th.
You can click on Valentino to take you directly to the PFATT site.
Ophelia will be my other PFATT offering for January. She is a 4 way jointed doll with 2 colors of yummy German Mohair.

She is just over 10" tall from the bottom of her her foot, to the top of her pink Mohair hat!
Ophelia also comes with her standing pink painted muslin heart all ready for Valentine's Day!
Both Valentino and Ophelia are made with German Mohair, and  have been given a time worn, well aged look, which is definitely my favorite part of the process when creating my dolls and animal friends. 
 If you would like to see more about Valentino and Ophelia   visit PFATT  at 10 am pacific (1pm eastern)
tomorrow morning :))