Jan 27, 2013

New Offerings

 word shortage tonight ;]
my usb ports suddenly quit their day job, and whoa 
No key board!
creatively found a way to pluck away with my mouse and an on screen keyboard Lol
 These just posted on my Etsy

 Have a great week!

Jan 25, 2013

New Workshops!

If you are in the Columbus Ohio area ,
my workshops are now available for registration
at "Artiscape" ! 
Here is the fun stuff we will be getting into ...

"A Mother's Love Pendant"

In this workshop we will be creating 2 different 
methods of metal bezel making ! For the first we
will be working with beautiful vintage broken china and creating a 
deep shrine bezel for our assemblage.
 Next we will be creating a gorgeous  metalwork bezel 
Lot's of fun metalworking and exploration.
Feel free to bring tiny elements to add to your own shrine :)

Metalwork Madonna Workshop

Come and  embark on a metal working journey !
while you create your own one-of-a-kind necklace.
 Create a gorgeous hand-wrought metal cross with a beautifully adorned center bezel featuring a vintage Madonna image (feel free to bring your own photo, if desired). 
You will learn to use a jeweler's saw to create shapes from sheet metal. Techniques for texturing metals, soldering, adding patinas, bezel forming, wire wrapping, metal stamping and applying protective finishes will be taught.

 Supplies: BTK (Basic Tool Kit) and a small metal bench block, chasing hammer, jewelry tools (round, flat pliers and cutters), plus a cheap set of jewelry pliers that can get "gooky", optional: religious medals, beads, or any vintage trinkets
You can register for these and all of the great workshops offered 

If you are not in the Mid West, not to worry!
I am working on several online workshops as we speak .
No need to load up the truck for the long haul , when
you can create in your jammies :)
More on the new workshops soon!

I came home from our trip to Marco and Sanibel islands for our 24th 
anniversary , (yes 24!) 
well rested , and creatively recharged. 
I did have one deep disappointment when I 
arrived home to find an invidual had copied 
one of my workshops. 
I know it happens all of the time to lots and lots
of artists. But, it hurts when you spend sooo much time
researching materials, developing methods, and have someone come in 
and do that, and profit from all of your hard work.
I am moving on past it though.
Luckily, there are so many more things in my 
head , and sketchbooks,
waiting to be created,
  I shouldn't waist
precious time in life
dwelling on what is done. 

I will be posting some brand new metal creations for Valentines day,
on my Etsy store
Sunday Night!
Preview on blog first :)
See you then, have a wonderful weekend!


Jan 9, 2013

PFATT Offerings for January 2013!

Happy January 2013!
To start off the new year ,
I have 2 original one of a kind
dolls that I will be 
offering on my PFATT page
on Thursday January 10, at 1:pm Eastern Time.
I am myself am always excited to see what else 
my fellow PFATT members will be offering on 
the 10th of each month!

First up is "Lady Cupid"
She is one of a kind assemblage on canvas doll.

 She started out with a fun vintage wallpaper collaged canvas (4x12)
in dreamy pinks.

The doll is one of my very large (over 6") vintage Frozen Charlotte dolls c. 1890. 
Oh my goodness what doesn't this girly have!
Her halo is from a vintage 1940s friendship quilt that I have layered and quilted even  further 
with pretty vintage laces.
Her  crown and wings were constructed from vintage decorative drawer hardware. 
Her dress is a gorgeous Victorian wedding undergarment that hangs dreamily
even below the canvas edge.
She possesses a metal "love" heart ,with a vintage skeleton key .
She is further adorned with rhinestones, Victorian steel cut buttons etc.

Next up is Lotti Luv
 Lotti is made from one of my collected vintage
men's wool suits. I so  love the texture of these old
 suits, and pick them up when ever I can , and felt 
them in the wash!

 Her neck and face are made from vintage tea towel, that has been 
tea stained. Her rosy cheeks are painted on with Pan Pastels. 
Her facial features are  shaped and sewn by hand.
She is dressed in fun vintage fabrics, and tulle from an
old wedding gown.

Lotti holds her own "love " pillow which also features lots of hand
stitching and vintage tulle. 
Lotti is quite tall at   15" head to toe.
Both of these ladies will be  offered first come,
tomorrow at 1pm Eastern Time on my 
Pfatt page :)

Blessings to you,

Jan 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a very happy and blessed 2013!