First Entry!

This begins the second week of school for us , and my resolution to start a blog is finally a reality. The first week was spent trying to catch up on everything from our oh-so-busy summer. Am I caught up? Not at all , but I am much less behind than I was before!

As this is my first blog entry, I may be a little long winded from the excitement. This month has run the gamut of emotions for me. We just moved my oldest into the dorms at the University of Louisville. I was proud , sad, happy ,nervous, and mostly just so excited for him. My middle son begins his freshman year of high school , and my daughter starts "all day school" in first grade. WOW!

My goal is to get just a little more time to concentrate on my web site, and etsy store, and ebay store. I feel they have all been severely neglected with our activities and my shows. What better motivation that when I got all my beloved publications this month and I had artwork in two! I am in Somerset Holidays premier issue and Somerset Studios magazine. So, so, so, excited!

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