Dec 26, 2007

playing with website

Today I am learning about using different brushes in photoshop, and testing my results . I am trying to compose a slightly different look for the website for the reopening on the 1st, and this is first on my list to teach myself. I often wish that I was an expert web designer, but unfortunately I have to teach myself , and when I do achieve a goal I will immedietely forget how I did it unless I right it all down. This is especially true with java and html.
These brushes are probably elementary to a lot of people , I know they are to my 15 year old son, who gets a kick out of me getting so excited when I do something so basic. I admit to doing the little dance whenever I learn how to do a new trick. Well I'll keep practicing!

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  1. Hmm, hardly elementary from my end. I'm just learning photoshop and haven't even gotten to brushes yet so congrats to you.

    Good luck and Happy New year!


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