I played Hooky

Today I am knee deep in everything ! Because, yesterday I completely played HOOKY and went to visit my oldest son down in Louisville where he is a Freshman at U of L. It was worth it though , because I haven't seen him in several weeks.

Not a really great picture, but it was all of 15-16 degrees outside, and for this California girl that means it hurt to even smile when outside.We ate breakfast at the popular Lynns Paradise cafe . They were featured on Bobby Flays Throw Down on Food Network a while back.
Then he was even nice enough to take me to the Louisville Antique Mall and go through all 4 stories of it with me!
This is the view from the 4th floor of Old Louisville.

On a different but equally Wonderful Note :

Sherry at Esprit D' Art is having a drawing in honor of her 100th post. Congratulations Sherry!
Follow the link to her blog to see the details about her giveaway.

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