New Year New Goals

I am so excited about what's coming up in 2008! At the end of the year I set 10 new goals for the upcoming year for Staffordshire Garden Designs. Can't tell what they are now, but I will tell if/ when they come about. Two of them maby as early as first of Feb. Currently I am trying to keep a good balance between the main web site, the Etsy store , and the Ebay store, but sometimes I get in a mood and tend to favor one , so you just have to look at all three to see it all unfortunately.
Also at the beginning of the year I was honored to have Amy of Razz Pizazz add me to Aged Vintage Papier
a wonderful group of talented ladies.

Finally, the blog has a
slightly new look, and it is playing my favorite song YEAH!. It's getting there slowly but surely at least. I won't tell you that I almost deleted the whole template, and turned it bright banana yellow before it got to this point! Oops ! I just did.

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