Snow Snow Snow so Adding to my Giveaway

Snow Snow Snow and more Snow SO.........

Doing my little spring dance does not seem to help, so I am going to add to my blog "Think Spring Giveaway" . I am throwing in the peeps!

Ok, so did you know that the peeps started in the early 1950s?
Did you know back then that it took 27 hours to make one chick?
Mabey you did , but did you know they actually have
fan clubs for Peeps!

I couldn't let the peeps go out to the winner undressed of course. So, here they are in their Easter finest.

Wrapped in a little shabby vintage wallpaper , and 1800s ledger paper as well , to have more fun after you eat your Peeps.

One more fact: peeps have only 32 calories and 0 grams fat!

Yes , as you ladies can probably tell by the fact that I researched Peep trivia. And, as my friends in sunny California, especially Barbara, who will be quick to point out as soon as she reads this, I am going a little Peepin' stir crazy! This girl needs some sunshine!

To sign up for my giveaway for the "I shop Vintage" pendant (and the peeps!) just leave a comment on the previous post. The drawing will be on March 2.

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