Mar 13, 2008

New Alphabet Girl Vintage Art Charms

Wow! It has been a while since I have been able to post, because I caught the flu for the first time in 12-15 years! I actually can't even remember the last time I had it. I am much better now, and just in time as my first show of the year begins this Saturday. It is a local show for those of you who live in the Cincinnati tri state area. The bead store here is hosting a "Designer Trunk Show"
It will be 2 doors down from the Union Bead Boutique , Saturday March 15th from 10 am- 6pm. If you are local , come out and see me!
I will have several new items for spring 2008, including the "Alphabet Girls" pictured above. I did a different monogram charm for 2007. I am excited about the new 2008 charms as they are done in beautiful glass bevels. And, their size is so petite at 3/4" x 3/4". Each letter features a different Victorian girl on the front. You can also order them on the Staffordshire Garden web site.


  1. Hope you did well with the show -- those are always fun -- hope you were feeling well enough to participate!

  2. Shari, I know this post is 2 weeks old, but I couldn't resist commiserating. I am recovering from the flu, too! First time for me in 30 years! And to make it worse, my laptop is out so I was blogless during it - double oowee!
    Hope you enjoy (or is it enjoyed) your son's visit home. Cheers, Trish G.


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