Jul 1, 2008

Disney Trip and New Directions...

Reagan in front of the fountain at Epcot

Our trip was absolutely magical!
A well needed trip for me , as it was the first real br
eak I have had in over a year.

Jeffrey in Magic Kingdom

I was pleased with my new camera , but I have sooo much more to learn.

Mason in Epcot

Mason , in his favorite park "Epcot". He is already trying to find all the information on Disney internship at Disney his freshman spring semester in college (he is 15). A ways to go but he has always known what he wanted. (accept when he was little and wanted to own a restaurant dedicated to his favorite food he would call "Taco Depot" !)

I "photo shopped" all of my favorites and had them printed out at Costco. They really came out nice. Even hard to impress hubby liked them.
Now I am refreshed and ready to dig in.

backround of image courtesy of the graphics fairy

On a different note , I will be redoing the website and Etsy store in the next few weeks. I have a new inspiration that I would like to follow.
"One of a Kind"
Yes, they are all one of a kind in theory now , as everything is hand made by me.
However, this has been a long time coming and I believe this move will be better all the way around.
What am I rambling about?
Let me explain. A few years ago when Sally Jean's book came out, she said in her dedication to her friends
"For encouraging the artist (not manufacturer) within
me ."

I understood what she meant even then, but was not sure how to redirect and prevent its further happening . Now it has come to the point with the wholesale orders especially , where it actually feels "counter productive".
Making the same item over and over , dozens, hundreds of times.
It makes it so my design journals are full , but my new items actually produced are fewer and fewer.
backround image from www.graphicsfairy.blogspot.com

I am excited that the new website will feature items as they are made "One of a kind" and when they are gone they are gone. I can still do one that is "similar" if a customer wishes, but each will be a com
pletely individual creation.
This will allow me to follow and continue my new designs, and allow me to get them online. (also a very time consuming process, sometimes things sell at the show and never make it to
the website).back round image from graphics fairy

I think this will make for a better creative process all the way around, and allow me to continue striving to improve my work, and creativity.
back round image courtesy of the Graphics Fairy

I am also excited because I believe it will allow me to have the time to catch up (even if it's at 2am!) with reading on the yahoo groups that I have joined and not been able participate in very often. They are so full of inspiring , creative, wonderful individuals and I love them.


  1. I am so glad you had a wonderful time... your photo shop skills are fabulous!
    I am excited to see your new, one of a kind art... It seems you are going in a fun, creative direction.
    Amy :)

  2. Greetings! Your trip sounds fabulous. It will be exciting to see your one of a kind vision unfold... and I'm glad you'll hopefully have more time to play with the rest of us. Cheers, Trish G.

  3. Hi Shari!!

    Sounds (and looks like!) you had a great vacation at Disney!! As did your family...having some much needed time away and being with those we love can be sooo restorative to our souls!!

    I love what you did with the photographs too -- they're amazingly wonderful!

    I want to wish you all the best in your new direction. I understand these feelings soooo very well as I feel them myself increasingly more and more.

  4. I love your blog..and I think I'm in a flickr group you're in.. I love "Plays with Paper"



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