Exciting Adventures in California at Pasadena Bead and Design Show

(my pricing girls)

Well I'm back, sort of . I have not finished unpacking yet , but I'm getting there. I think the jet lag is kicking in a little bit.

California was very fun. My best friend Barbara was able to come for 2 of the days before school started back for her children.Very lucky for me as I was running on fumes when I arrived, and she took one look at my set up goodies and knew exactly what I was attempting display wise. Barbara has always been the other side of my brain , so I was so glad she was there...You complete me!
Such wonderful artistry at the show! I did not
get to see nearly as much as I wanted to but what I did see was absolutely wonderful.
I will at least describe our little area . We were located in the International Ball room.

First off was the beautiful Rose, of Clear Light
Jewelry (www.clearlightjewelry.com). Gorgeous hand painted work done on natural shells. The colors she uses are just stunning. Her designs were warm and beautiful as she. Next was the wonderful and bubbly Becky, of Becky Caraco Designs at www.beckysglass.com.Becky makes her own fabulous glass beads and buttons, and even wonderful
whimsical glass drawer pulls.

Wow need I say more!

Directly across the path from me was Kim Fox of Kim Fox Jewelry Design, www.phxfox.com. Unfortunately I did not get a picture , but she creates wonderful castings in sterling. Kim was a life saver when the chandelier directly above me did not come on . She had brought extra lights and let me borrow them. Thanks Kim! Normally I would have brought my own lights, but my cases were packed with not an inch to spare between display and inventory goodies. I really didn't even have room for my clothes!
Down the way just a bit was the lovely and vibrant Allene, of Allene's Beads , www.allenesbeads.com. Allene showcases other self representing artists and had a fabulous mix of talented artists showcases in her booth.
And there was also the talented Mavis of Turkey Red, www.turkeyred.com. I fell in absolute love with her wall hangings. They are so intricate.

I wish I would have had the opportunity to see more of everyones lovely work.

(just me)

I also enjoyed meeting everyone that visited my booth. It is hard work doing shows, but it is so lovely to get to meet your customers in person, instead of always online . Due to the nature of my work (everything vintage)

It tends to draw out the most wonderful stories and memories from people. And I enjoy hearing every one of them.

"a stranger is a friend we have yet to meet."

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