Jul 19, 2008

Pink Birthday and Adventures in California

My Daughter turned 7 ! How time flies.

Her party with her friends will be next week at a cooking school where they will cook their own Princess dinner from scratch.

Today was just for us girls.
e concocted this fabulous cake together .

She did a lot of the baking

and a
lot of the frosting

and of course AL
L of the sprinkles.

I got to to the building,
and add my all time Favorite...

pink crepe paper ruffles, and roses to the creation.

It was our Masterpiece for the afternoon!

On another note ...
I found out when we returned from Florida that I would soon be leaving for an adventure on the side of the map to California. Not for a home visit this time, but I had been invited to do the Pasadena Bead and Design Show . So, I will be going on a little adventure across the country August 14-17.Vintage Found Line :"Ladies Day Out"series

I will be in International Ball room 144. Come out and see me if you are in the area!
Right now I feel like I might advance from constant diet coke caffeine intake to an actual "energy drink" to keep me going between now and then, but I have the feeling it would make me sick and I don't have time to feel nauseated . Yes, I am chicken when it comes to things like that.

Jul 1, 2008

Disney Trip and New Directions...

Reagan in front of the fountain at Epcot

Our trip was absolutely magical!
A well needed trip for me , as it was the first real br
eak I have had in over a year.

Jeffrey in Magic Kingdom

I was pleased with my new camera , but I have sooo much more to learn.

Mason in Epcot

Mason , in his favorite park "Epcot". He is already trying to find all the information on Disney internship at Disney his freshman spring semester in college (he is 15). A ways to go but he has always known what he wanted. (accept when he was little and wanted to own a restaurant dedicated to his favorite food he would call "Taco Depot" !)

I "photo shopped" all of my favorites and had them printed out at Costco. They really came out nice. Even hard to impress hubby liked them.
Now I am refreshed and ready to dig in.

backround of image courtesy of the graphics fairy

On a different note , I will be redoing the website and Etsy store in the next few weeks. I have a new inspiration that I would like to follow.
"One of a Kind"
Yes, they are all one of a kind in theory now , as everything is hand made by me.
However, this has been a long time coming and I believe this move will be better all the way around.
What am I rambling about?
Let me explain. A few years ago when Sally Jean's book came out, she said in her dedication to her friends
"For encouraging the artist (not manufacturer) within
me ."

I understood what she meant even then, but was not sure how to redirect and prevent its further happening . Now it has come to the point with the wholesale orders especially , where it actually feels "counter productive".
Making the same item over and over , dozens, hundreds of times.
It makes it so my design journals are full , but my new items actually produced are fewer and fewer.
backround image from www.graphicsfairy.blogspot.com

I am excited that the new website will feature items as they are made "One of a kind" and when they are gone they are gone. I can still do one that is "similar" if a customer wishes, but each will be a com
pletely individual creation.
This will allow me to follow and continue my new designs, and allow me to get them online. (also a very time consuming process, sometimes things sell at the show and never make it to
the website).back round image from graphics fairy

I think this will make for a better creative process all the way around, and allow me to continue striving to improve my work, and creativity.
back round image courtesy of the Graphics Fairy

I am also excited because I believe it will allow me to have the time to catch up (even if it's at 2am!) with reading on the yahoo groups that I have joined and not been able participate in very often. They are so full of inspiring , creative, wonderful individuals and I love them.