Jan 16, 2009

Flea Market Friday and Some Pretties from the Studio

Today a few shots of my studio.
I had hoped to have another kit put together , but I had quite a bit of
shipping to do this week. I have high hopes f
or the weekend though!
I believe it might be a high of a whole 5 degr
ees here today, and through the weekend,
so I pretty much plan to stay inside and get a ton of things done.
At one point with the wind chill, it supposed to be -14. The t
rip to Tucson Bead show in a few weeks is looking better and better! I might forget my fear of flying yet.

I love my old bottles for all my vintage crystal beads. I plan on creating some
stoppers for them, but haven't gotten that far yet.

I "could" back up and show the whole studio,
but with the whirlwind that happened in ther
e this week, that's definitely not going to happen.
Piles and Piles of paper scraps, and lace are not pretty.
(when on the floor)

For flea market Friday, anything in the store that is Valentines will have free priority shipping! This offer is good through the weekend, until midnight Sunday. Please email me so that I can send you a separate invoice with the free shipping included.

There are a few Vintage Valentine Bracelet kits left on my Etsy and Lollishop.


  1. Hi Shari ~ Such pretty pictures of your studio items. I'm going to be cleaning mine today - its a jumbled mess after the holidays and I have several things I want to finish. Oh my, that makes it sound like work, but I can't wait to begin actually. You know how it is when you have something that has inspired you - you want to start creating right now. =)

    Blessings ~ eileen @ Star's Fault

  2. Hi Shari,

    Just love the look of the bottles full of pretties. Gorgeous.

    Thank you for stopping by to wish me a Happy Birthday. It was wonderful.

    xo Cathy


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