Get Ready Get Set Part 1 and Flea Market Friday

Some more shots from the studio this week, before there is nothing left!
Everything has to be shipped to Tucson for th
e Bead and Design Show by
the 29th. Hopefully, I will get a chance for some
photos before the kits and goodies are all packed.

These are vintage millinery flowers that are still bundled in their original
bouquets with the paper Czecholsovakia label still attatched. I love , Love , LOVE , the old velvet millinery flowers.
These are
my new
"love~ of~ the~ week!"

They are coming with me to Tucson.
Things you can NEVER have too many of~Glass Jars!

...and vintage prisms ,(of course).

I also love getting "After Christmas presents" and this was one was wonderful.

My friend Trish of Tattered Rose
sent me this wonderful candy from the famous Schimpff's in Indiana.
I have felt 6 other eyes already on it , so I may have to hide it down in the studio
(under a pile of paper scraps!)

She also sent me the atcs from our fun swap. How cute they are!

And , a beautiful hand made card by Trish herself.

and, last but not least,
a velvet vintage millinery flower.

How did she know?

We have a new (Old )look!
Click the photo above to visit Staffordshire Garden Designs
and tell me what you think of the new banner.

For the next couple of weeks, (until I return from the Tucson Show) we are going to keep the Flea Market Friday at free shipping for the whole weekend through Sunday at midnight. If you make a purchase on Staffordshire Garden Designs, I will send you a refund for shipping charges within 12 hours (usually within 2) through Pay Pal.

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