New Vintage Solder Charm Kits, and Much More!

I have so many things to share this week, but I think am going to have
do it in spurts.

First of all some exciting new kits are finally coming together .
Some of them will be jewelry kits , and others will be f
rilly, shabby , sparkly , vintage , mixed media goodies and fun projects. In all of them I wanted to share with you my vintage goodies .
I most definitely am a hoarder of anything that was once upon a time "Beautiful", but now old , chippy, rusty, lost , stashed away , or forgotten . And if there is 100 or more of something fabulous and vintage,
I am a very happy girl.
Of course "Fabulous" is all in the eye of the beholder...

During the antique show season here , I am lucky enough to have many dealer friends who know my crazy passion for what they consider odd collecting habits, and the even crazier ways (to them,)I choose
to use them.
I think now some of them are just plain afraid to ask.
"Deconstruction" is not a pretty word in the antique world. "Salvaged" and "rescued" sounds much better .

Some yummy rhinestone buttons that found their way to me on Saturday.
Kit #1
Valentine Ready~Set~Solder~Kit

This kit has a is all "hand aged sterling silver" with beautiful vintage Austrian
pink crystals and vintage prism. All kits come with a beautiful 1930s very shabby rose pattern wallpaper to b
ack your charms with.

Comes with Everything to make your bracelet.
Literally all you need is a soldering iron!

Due to the fact that my vintage stash does have it's limitations this kit
#1 is limited to 12.

They will be available on My Etsy Staffordshire Garden Designs Store

and on my Lollishops Staffordshire Garden Designs store

Something to Share
Ok , now I have one more thing to share.
Over the weekend I had the opportunity to
see Cathy Scalise's New Web site "Elegance and Whimsy"

I was completely blown away.
I stared at the introduction alone for as long as it would allow me to. I showed my husband , my son, my daughter, and anyone else
passing by the computer in my office. The post lady is lucky I didn't drag her in to see (maybe next delivery) Wow!
Way to go Cathy! Both the site and the goodies o
ffered on it are delicious all the way through!
follow the banner link to see it yourself.

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