Refreshed for 2009 and Flea Market Friday

Well... the banner and background got a whole new look. It's probably a far cry from being done. I will probably end up changing it a couple dozen times before I am satisfied.
I LOVE seeing all of the beautiful and truly
only way to describe some are
~ "Magical" ~banners of all the talented artists and web designers out there. I can only dream , enjoy, ....and keep plucking!I "pluck" away at the digital art the best I can. I am lucky that I have a sixteen year old who is extremely computer savvy (just rebuilt school's website). How many 16 year old boys do you know that would go along with their mother handing them a bunch of vintage jewelry and say "please make these into photo shop brushes for me. " He can only handle all the frou frou , sparkles, and pink, in short spurts however, before it becomes a little much for him. Although he is always very sweet about it. His stylings are much more "guy like" and contemporary. I try and gauge my moments. Love you Mason!
Ok, I changed the song just for this week only, to start out the new year. I generally do like to listen to easier more classical music especially when working. ( hope it didn't startle anyone!) But , I am partial to Nickelback on occasion, and this one spoke to me this week. Something for me to think about every day as my New Years resolution.

think that
I get started on a similar resolution every year . It seems so simple. To not rush through , and rush past, and make each part of your day meaning
ful and enjoy everyone in it. Each conversation whether family,friend, or a stranger. Each task , whether it is putting a cheerful note in a 7 year old's lunch, or in my work , trying to push past the comfortable barriers that make me afraid to go farther.
But , somewhere along the way especially starting probably in the fall... .

I loose it.

And I know I will , I see it coming. But, I convince myself that I will not stop practicing. And, each year when I renew my resolution maybe I will get a little farther,a little better at it . Before it's lost in the shuffle, hustle, and bustle.
And, yes Barbara if you read this ~I WILL call this weekend promise! (BFF)

Flea Market Friday Valentine Charm 16.00

Here is the charm for Flea Market Friday. The back of the charm is shown in the first photo of this post. To purchase just use the "buy it now button" . The shipping is Free for Flea Market Friday. It comes with a 24" vintage ribbon ready to enjoy.

In fact ,anything purchased on "Flea Market Fridays" from the the Staffordshire Garden Designs web site will have Free Shipping!
Just email me at , let me know what you would like to purchase , and I will send you a Pay Pal invoice with the free shipping. ( this is because I cannot change the whole shopping cart on the web site for the day.)

Enjoy your day!

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