Flea Market Friday Happy Pink Saturday

Happy pink Saturday Ladies!

Today we are off to a track meet at 7:am

Tomorrow we are off on an adventure to Michigan, to pick up some wonderful antique storage
for the studio. I will be sure and post pictures when I return. So excited!

I have been making full necklaces out of the "Alphabet Girls" lately, all done with sterling chain and vintage "pink" beads.This necklace will be available on my Etsy
tonight when I get home from track meet ,and picking up girl scout cookie orders!
(first things first of course )
Each letter has pink monogram on one side,
Adorable vintage girl on the other.

For Flea Market Friday enjoy free shipping on website


I will refund your shipping charges through Pay pal as soon as you place your order .
Sale for Saturday and Sunday only.

Have a great day!

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